Roller skating, the exercise that changes your body: you lose weight without realizing it, kill cellulite and activate your heart

Whether you only have 20 minutes a day to exercise or are looking for a physical activity over 50, roller skating is something you should consider. Getting motivated to play sports is essential to not abandon it and that is why it is essential to find one fun sports practice. And that's what the wheels underfoot offer. An exercise for all ages and full of benefits for the control of your weight and the good health of your heart.

From a physical point of view, roller skating will mainly work the muscles of the hips and legs. Your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves they will get a good whip without you noticing. This combination will help you create an aesthetically well balanced hip and better body stability along with a decrease in Back pain caused by a possible muscle imbalance.

How it helps you burn calories

If in time you become an expert, enough to maintain a good skating rhythm, this exercise can be a tremendous "calorie burner." Attention: Roller skating is comparable to cycling or rowing in terms of removing calories from the body. A person of about 70 kg who skates on wheels at a constant intensity for 30 minutes could burn about 270 calories.

Furthermore, its nature of Low impact makes it gentler on the joints than other intense forms of exercise. And if over time you start practicing various skills and little pirouettes, it may even improve your flexibility and connection between mind and body.

A fantastic heart booster

Roller skating helps to strengthen the Cardiovascular system, according to the American Heart Association, as all sports on wheels are a valid form of aerobic exercise. Even in moderation, skating will increase your heart rate to an average of 140-160 beats per minute. You can even reach 180 beats per minute by increasing the intensity. This e heart training it is especially valuable and useful at any age, but more so when you pass 50 years.

How to get started and what are the risks

Any form of exercise has its inherent risks and the most common injuries caused by roller skating are the result of fallsAlthough wrist sprains and fractures also represent a small possibility. Of course, remember that you should not roller skate if you are pregnant because you will have more difficulties with balance.

If you are a newbie, and as with any form of exercise, start with caution. Select the right skates for your body and your goals. And don't forget to buy a good safety kit. Actually, it is similar to learning to ride a bicycle: there comes a time when you have it! And from there, everything is progress how far you want to push your limits. In the process, you will find and strengthen all the benefits you've been reading … and more.

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