Ricola Multi-Active: feeling of freedom when breathing in the form of caramel

The senses are the essence of life, where respiration assumes a main role for the oxygenation of each cell. However, the acceleration of the days leads us to have habits that prevent that feeling of freedom when breathing. This includes direct exposure to air conditioning, cold winter temperatures, and pollution.

In this way, performance in each of daily activities is severely impaired and impaired. To this end, it is necessary to find answers, in which the natural slope stands out as a fantastic option to raise the body's defenses.

Undoubtedly, the respiratory discomfort that occurs from seasonal variations in temperature or exposure to the elements can be counteracted with the power of nature and its components.

Ingredients of natural origin most used for the throat

There are many natural ingredients that are used globally to combat pharyngeal discomfort. However, among the most used and have broad advantages for the throat there are honey, lemon, eucalyptus and menthol. Therefore, we tell you a little about what makes them so important.


Its value increases in favor of the throat due to its softening and antiseptic capacity.. On the other hand, the vitamins and minerals it contains are very useful.


Lemon makes an excellent team with honey to combat the difficulties that often arise in the throat. In this way, it provides a delicious citrus flavor and minimizes localized discomfort in the pharynx.


From the eucalyptus, the respiratory tract is able to work, so that they remain in optimal conditions. In addition to this, guarantees the good condition of the vocal cords and gradually reduces the discomfort caused by coughing.


Menthol has an extended cooling property and antimicrobial potential that is capable of protecting the throat. It is a balm that contributes to the feeling of freedom when breathing so sought after by all today.

Ricola Multi-Active

Ricola presents Multi-Active Honey Lemon, Multi-Active Peppermint and Multi-Active Herbs. Each initiative has a beneficial peculiarity. How did they do it? Well, through 13 Swiss herbs together with essential oils that create a favorable synergistic effect.

Multi-Active honey lemon

This option has lemon juice, honey and menthol. In this way, the conjunction of lemon with honey, which has traditionally been used for the throat, helps to soften it. In addition, the taste of its syrup enchants the taste buds of the users.

Multi-Active Peppermint

The essential oil of peppermint, spirulina concentrate, menthol syrup, herbs and carrots, provide a caramel with a really pleasant refreshing taste. At the same time, its balsamic menthol syrup has a soothing effect on the throat.

Multi-Active Herbs

We can find a candy that contains extracts of eucalyptus, rooibos, sage, peppermint oil and a mixture of aromatic plants from the Ricola selection. In addition to this, it contains essential oil of eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus essential oil helps relieve throat irritation, softens the pharynx along with the vocal cords and contributes to the symptomatic relief of cough.

The 13 herbs in Ricola Multi-Active candies

Something that defines Ricola Multi-Active and the difference from the rest is an alliance with very interesting herbs. So that, the 13 Swiss herbs you can find are the following:

  • Lion's foot or alchemilla vulgaris.
  • Elder.
  • Mallow.
  • Mint.
  • Sage.
  • Yarrow or achillea millefolium.
  • Primrose or garden primrose.
  • Plantain.
  • Thyme or thymus vulgaris.
  • Marshmallow or bismallow.
  • Veronica.
  • Pimpernel or sanguisorba minor.
  • Horehound or marrubium vulgare.

Ricola Multi-Active takes care of the voice and throat

Ricola Multi-Active is aware of the preponderance of voice and throat care for most people. And it is that, by means of silent wrappings during its opening, the candies act quickly and refreshingly. In addition to this, the syrup inside is not only useful, but also delicious.

It does not matter if you are a speaker, singer, comedian, teacher or part of any other activity that requires expressing yourself in a strong and clear way, since the softening action is available to ingredients such as honey, lemon, peppermint and aromatic herbs. .

About Ricola

Ricola —which comes from Richterich & Compagnie Laufen— defines itself as a Swiss family business which began its functions in 1930. Within its structural columns of evolution is quality consciousness and inexorable innovation. Until now, the export of its candies and infusions has reached a level of expansion that includes more than 50 countries.

In addition to leading the way in growing world-class aromatic herbs, Ricola maintains strong ties to both architecture and culture.

The sensation of freedom when breathing, the well-being of the throat and the freshness are three basic principles that Ricola strengthens over the years. Welcome to the family!