Rich countries vaccinate a person every second while the poor have not yet applied the first dose

One year after being in a pandemic by Covid-19 and producing millions of doses every day, the Alliance "People's Vaccine" He reported that poor countries have not yet applied even the first dose. While the other side of the coin, rich countries vaccinate a person every second and at least 9% of their population is already inoculated.

Until now, the only effective tool to deal with the virus that is already counted 120 million infections Y 1.6 deceased. However, it is not available to everyone.

Health inequality due to purchasing power?

According to the international confederation made up of 19 non-governmental organizations, Oxfam, most poor countries have not yet been able to administer a single dose. For their part, governments with purchasing power have vaccinated their population at a rate of one inhabitant per second during the last month.

United Kingdom, European Union and United States reject a proposal submitted by more than 100 developing countries, which will be debated this week within the World Trade Organization (WTO). Which can be a monopoly exit from pharmaceutical companies and increase the production of safe and effective vaccines against Covid-19. This action will need to be taken urgently to ensure that poor countries can access desperately needed doses of these vaccines.

With this initiative, it is expected that a greater number of vulnerable populations will receive doses of the antidotes in the coming days.

For the manufacture of more vaccines

Covid-19 vaccine

More than 100 developing governments led by South Africa and India, will once again plant the need for an exemption from Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) to the WTO. This will allow remove legal barriers that prevent more populations and manufacturing companies from manufacturing vaccines. In this way, they seek that they can protect its population and participate in the future economic recovery.

One of the trouble spots is that the major developers of antidotes have benefited from billions of dollars in public subsidies. However, pharmaceutical companies have been granted a monopoly on their production, as well as on the profits they generate.

At the same time, all over the world there are qualified companies to produce vaccines. But they cannot carry out this action because they do not have the necessary technology. An end to the pandemic for all can only be achieved through global mobilization. Which allows increasing the production of doses. And rapidly increase the number of people inoculated.

Global patents are needed to speed up the production of vaccines around the world. In this way and only in this way will the end of Covid-19 come for everyone.

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