Reverse skincare: what it is and how to implement it

What would happen without investing in the conventional order in which you apply facial hygiene cosmetics? This is a recent and popular practice in social networks.

Last update: 08 September, 2022

The care of the skin of the complexion responded to a specific order. The essence was to cleanse, tone and moisturize. But the technique reverse skincare overturned the pattern. Now there are those who prefer go from back to front, in order to pose better skin health effects.

This method is popular in social networks (RRSS), since several bloggers show step by step the reverse way of pampering the face. The best? It does not imply a greater economic expense, since what it proposes is to test a new structure. How effective is the procedure? What are its advantages? Next, all the details.

What is “reverse skincare”?

reverse skincare or “reverse skin care” refers to changing the order in which you normally apply substances to cleanse and care for the skin, detaching from the theory that suggests starting with the thinnest consistencies until reaching the thickest.

According to this premise, the first thing the face would receive would be creams, while lastly you would spray toner. This is how this TikTok beauty trick points out, a network in which reverse care is a trend.

The idea came from Ava Lee, a Korean content creator, who spread the tutorials of the reverse until achieving the acceptance of thousands of users on the platform. Lee’s argument is that this reverse sequence It is efficient to heal the skin damaged by the cold.

They highlight as benefits that, when you start with lotions and not with toners, you provide the facial skin with a moisture lock and comply with topical hydration.

It is said that this way of skin care achieve immediate effects. However, the dermatological recommendation is wait at least 10 minutes for hydration to complete, because only when the dermis absorbs well the product better assimilates the rest of the substances.

In addition, because it is a treatment whose origin is the RRSS and is limited to anecdotal experiences, doctors still do not fully support how convenient the transposition of cosmetics is.

This technique proposes the use of facial care products in reverse.

This is how “reverse skincare” is implemented

The common routines skin care They start from the application of the tonic, as it is the lightest formula of the group. They stick with heavy blends like serums and moisturizers. On the contrary, hydration becomes more important as a remedy against the outbursts of the weather and as a preparer for what follows.

A post from Offarm notes that if the epidermis reduces its water retention capacity, manifestations of skin dryness appear on the skin, such as the following:

  • wrinkles.
  • Peeling.
  • Flaccidity.
  • Withered appearance.

Avoiding these situations is what is sought when reversing the order of hygiene and for this it requires 3 stages.

1. Moisturize with cream

The first thing you should do is spread a layer of moisturizing cream on the face, until it forms a mask. According to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, doing this daily maintains the proper level of hydration and restores the barrier function of the stratum corneum.

They add that it is appropriate to choose a moisturizer that contains sunscreen, or after that cream put on a filter, since UV radiation is a powerful skin dehydrator. The texture of the substance has to correspond to your skin type and the current climate.

2. Apply facial toner

Absorbed the cream, you go to the toner. These are restorative with multiple advantages, including the removal of impurities and dead cells, as well as an extra touch of hydration.

Although there are many brands of facial toners on the market, if you wish, use the preparations with strictly natural compounds. Those without alcohol, without fragrances and without active ingredients are better.

A review on skin products, published by Ars Pharmaceutica, points out that plant derivatives are safe for health and represent a great source of secondary metabolites, used as raw material in the production of cosmetics for the skin.

The methodology is Soak cotton pads with the liquid and pat the face gently. Wait 15 minutes for it to penetrate.

3. Rehydrate

The last procedure is to repeat the moisturizer, but on the cheeks. Some people opt for moisturizers, as they have the particularity of integrating the skin surface and restoring the acid layer of the skin.

Remember to apply sunscreen before proceeding with makeup, especially if the hydration formula does not include any protection factor.

Does reverse skincare have any contraindications?

In theory, the followers of this routine emphasize its repairing power in cases of dry skin. On the other hand, there are those who comment that preferring the heavy formulas first and then the light ones will prevent the latter from doing their job well.

It does not mean that there will be null effects, but that it will be difficult for toners and serums to reach deep into the dermis if they have to pass through a film of cream. In its favor, reverse skin care defends deep and superficial hydration, as they show the lush finish.

For now there is no evidence on the benefits of reserve skincare. Its effects are based on anecdotal data.

How to make the “reverse skincare” routine safer?

Regardless of whether you stick to the traditional routine or the other way around, skin safety is guaranteed as long as you put quality products on your face, relevant to every need. These must be dermatologically approved.

Therefore, it is essential to know the type of skin and the ingredients of cosmetics. You also have to be constant and rigorous with care so that the face retains its healthy appearance.

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