Resveratrol: what are its health benefits

Perhaps it is because of the properties attributed to it, but more and more people are interested in it. resveratrol, as well as other antioxidant supplements. People seem to obsess over the promises of substances that can slow down a process that will come anyway: aging.

It is a natural polyphenol that is present in various plants and fruits and that occurs as an immune defense against stressful situations such as attacks or infections caused by bacteria or fungi, sudden changes in temperature, among other situations.

Foods in which it can be found include blackberries, blueberries, and grapes., especially in the seeds and its skin, so it is also present in wine. In addition, it is possible to find it in peanuts, although to a lesser extent.

Although more and more scientists and researchers are interested in this substance, the information available about it is diverse, since there is so much talk about its health benefits of resveratrol, like those that failed to verify them.

What are the benefits?

As mentioned above, there are various studies and there are more doubts than certainties, but so far there are some claims and contradictions about the characteristics of this substance that can benefit health.

Many studies claim that the properties of resveratrol are diverse

According to biochemists and researchers from Conicet, among the properties of this substance it should be noted that it is a cardiovascular protector, anticancer, antioxidant and even that it could have a positive effect against Chagas disease. Likewise, it has been shown that it can prevent alterations of the immune system.

In addition, numerous scientific studies demonstrate properties of resveratrol as a protector in neurodegenerative disorders such as the well-known Alzheimer's and metabolic disorders such as diabetes. But let's see in detail:

– Cardiovascular protector: Resveratrol may reduce the stiffness of the arteries in some people with type 2 diabetes, according to researchers at Boston University.

– Against Alzheimer's: According to a study by the University of Leeds, it could interrupt a key step in the development of the pathology. In the trial, giving long-term high doses to people with mild to moderate level of this disease was found to help stabilize.

– Delay of aging: By having antioxidant properties precisely, the consumption of this substance preserves the muscle fibers delaying aging.

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– To lose weight: Resveratrol promotes weight loss because, by stimulating the release of the hormone adiponectin, it helps the body burn fat. So people don't need to worry about whether resveratrol makes you fat, according to research.

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– Stimulation of the immune system: American scientists found that it can strengthen the immune system in humans.

– Cancer prevention: given in the correct dose, on a daily basis, may reduce the rate of intestinal tumors in some cases, according to a study by the University of Leicester.

Also, there are investigations in which it has been tried to demonstrate what is resveratrol used for in men, in which it is claimed that it protects sperm and red blood cells from oxidation.

There is also no shortage of experts who guarantee that the resveratrol and menopause go hand in hand, since would alleviate characteristic symptoms of this stage.

Resveratrol: contraindications

Just as various studies guarantee the properties, others agree that there is insufficient evidence to determine effectiveness in all the points mentioned above.

Also, it is believed that by decreasing blood clotting, it could also increase the risk of bleeding in some people. Due to these contradictions, it is necessary to deepen the analyzes related to this natural polyphenol.

Resveratrol is present in black grapes and wine.

Data of interest

Regarding the resveratrol price There are various presentations and brands according to the different countries where this substance is presented. In Argentina, prices can vary between $ 500 and $ 3000, approximately.

Refering to resveratrol dosage, of course each person will be a specific case, so if you want to purchase supplements of this substance, you will need to consult a doctor specialized that can guide according to the needs of each one.

When taking a supplement, consult your doctor.

However, it is possible to consume some foods that are rich in resveratrol and that of course, they will not have a negative impact on the body, except for some pre-existing medical contraindication.

For example, according to scientists, moderate consumption of red wine has beneficial effects on health and can be considered a functional food. Further:



-Black grapes


-Chocolate with a high content of pure cocoa

And you, do you consume foods with resveratrol? Which ones would you incorporate into your diet?

Source: Conicet, Télam and Medlineplus.