Respected delivery: how is it done and what are the benefits?

Choosing how the delivery will be is an essential right of each of the women who are waiting for their baby. However, this is not always the case, today the specialists in charge of delivery are the ones who make most of the decisions. But this does not have to be the case and it is for this reason that the respected delivery. Known how is it done and what are the benefits.

Respected delivery What does it consist of?

Many may wonder what is a humanized delivery, since it is a topic that has become a trend in the last year. It is known as humanized or respected delivery, the method in which a woman gives birth to her baby while your rights are guaranteed and respected. That is, the mother's needs are recognized and at the same time, both parents become the main protagonists of childbirth.

During the respected delivery, the intervention of the medical staff is only based on carrying out the delivery and maintaining the safety of the mother and her baby. So parents, like the family, become part of the baby's birth.

It should be noted that before starting labor, health personnel should take the mother to a TPR compliant room. This means that said room must be prepared for labor, delivery and recovery.

Apart from the health personnel in the room, the mother may choose a companion which could well be your partner or a close relative. This should receive guidance from the doctors before the time of delivery. Then, you can stay with the mother and newborn until the latter are discharged and can leave the room.

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How is a respected delivery performed?

The first thing a mother needs before accessing a humanized delivery is to obtain all the information that is necessary. Choose the place, the doctors, know what are the advantages and risks that can occur during this type of delivery. Once all these measures are carried out, it is time to take the mother to the room where she will give birth.

The respected delivery can be divided into three phases that will be essential to ensure that the birth of the baby is the best. These are the following:


– During this process, the mother may be accompanied at all times by her companion.

– At the same time, you have every right to wear the garments of your choice and to have freedom of movement within the room.

– You also have the possibility to play the music of your choice to facilitate relaxation.

– The mother will choose the most comfortable position and will have several alternatives to choose from to reduce pain.

– The woman chooses how to break the bag of waters and in turn, can choose whether or not to shave the perineum.

– Before taking any medicine, doctors have to inform the mother in advance what they are going to give her.

– The control of the fetus is carried out continuously to ensure its well-being.

– Dilation can take a few hours and depends on each woman.


– Once the puja process has started, the mother chooses the rhythm she prefers. In this part the work of the companion will be essential.

– When the mother gives birth to the baby, it is immediately placed next to the mother to guarantee skin-to-skin contact between the two.

– The father can cut the umbilical cord if he wishes.

– The use of instruments or the practice of caesarean section will only be carried out in the event of a health problem.


– At the end of the delivery, the mother must recover in the room for the next 24 or 48 hours.

– In the event that the newborn does not present any health problem, it may remain with its mother.

– Once the recovery time is over, the mother and her baby can be discharged and thus, they will be allowed to leave the room to return home.

What are the benefits of a respected delivery?

There are many benefits to a respected delivery and it is one of the main reasons why the mother chooses this type of delivery. In this case, being always informed is essential before, during and at the end of this procedure.

Humanized delivery benefits:

– The idea that the mother chooses a companion to stay inside the room is very beneficial. This is because the woman will have all the support she needs during the time of labor. Encouraging the mother to push is more effective if a person who is very close does it. Besides, the humanized childbirth 2020 allows the baby's father to be present and can even cut the newborn's umbilical cord.

– The mother may be in a comfortable room adapted to her needs, this before, during and after the baby is born. Your privacy will be respected as well as your beliefs and opinions. Also, you can maintain your own pace during labor.

– The TPR room or room must be fully conditioned and equipped with everything necessary. Equipment for testing and diagnosing, monitoring of the mother and newborn. This room must also be adapted for the recovery of the woman and her baby.

– Each room must be equipped for a mother, the companion and the medical staff. In this case, two mothers should never be in the same room. For its part, the bed will be used during labor in this way, the mother will not have to be moved to another room. In addition, this bed will also be used for the recovery process and to care for the baby.

– Each method used by doctors at the time of delivery does not have to cause any type of pain in the mother. In fact, in many cases, epidural anesthesia is given and the mother can choose the amount depending on the pain she feels. If the mother prefers not to use anesthesia, doctors must respect her decision.

– Both the mother and the newborn may have skin-to-skin contact after delivery. This favors the creation of a bond between the two, which will be very important and special.

Advantages and disadvantages of a respected delivery

A respected delivery has many advantages compared to other types of delivery. However, it may have some cons, as it is a complicated subject for many. Humanized childbirth advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of a respected delivery:

– The decisions made by the mother and also the father before and during childbirth are respected.

– The mother chooses the person who will accompany her throughout the birth process.

– In this case, the doctors will not be the protagonists. The mother will have most of the role, so she has the right to make many of the decisions.

– The intervention by the medical team decreases to give space to the mother.

– The father will be allowed to cut the umbilical cord of his baby.

– The TPR room is fully equipped for delivery.

– The rhythm of birth is driven by the mother, so no one else can try to speed it up.

– The room should have a more intimate atmosphere, that is, there may be music to relax, soft lighting and the mother can be with her partner.

– The woman can choose which is the most comfortable position to give birth to her baby.


– The respected delivery is only performed in some clinics.

– Not all women have access to a respected delivery.

– Depending on the location, it can be very expensive.

– Some mothers can make bad decisions and put their life and the baby's life at risk.

– If the mother does not have the necessary information when choosing a suitable delivery position, this can cause problems. Very severe pain and tears are just a few of these.



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