Respect my gray hair: woman pressured to dye her hair

Last update: August 30, 2021

During the last years it has been possible to see how the women of the world have caused a revolution with ideas and facts. Everything has revolved around equal rights, gender roles and the breaking of the stereotypes imposed on the female image. On the latter, women of different ages, nationalities and cultures have decided to put self-esteem and acceptance of their appearance above expectations of others.

An example of this are women with gray hair. Over time, any sign of aging has been frowned upon, as if it were a shameful and worthless process. And it is that with the negative idea about gray hair, the important symbols of wisdom, experience and power are rejected. In addition, there are endless benefits that do not detract from beauty and that can only be granted by years lived.

Now the time has come to say "goodbye" to complexes to impose yourself with white hair in front of the world. This has been done by women of different occupations, including many famous ones. In this case, they have stood firmly against the communication, art and entertainment industry by being true to themselves with authentic appearance.

Respect my gray hair

One of the artists who has caused a sensation for her message of inspiration in relation to self-love, self-esteem and feminine appearance, is Preta Gil. The Brazilian singer has been in charge of showing off her white locks that make her look beautiful and that represent her maturity, learning and career.

However, being part of a revolution is not easy. Along the way there will always be obstacles to fight. For this reason, in an interview for the program "Encontro com Fátima Bernardes", Preta Gil revealed that she suffered a lot of pressure in her environment because they expected her to dye her hair to hide the gray.

For her part, the musical interpreter chose to stop hiding her white hair from 2020. In the present, she has made her usual appearances with her natural colored hair from the roots and publishing her current photographs on social networks.

At the age of 47, the daughter of the former Brazilian Minister of Culture, Gilberto Gil, has publicly expressed that feels free, fresh and natural, while asking for respect from the public. She has also clarified that dyeing her hair is her decision and that if she does it again, it would not be because she is ashamed of her white hair.

A life without pressure for gray hair

"Life becomes lighter when we do not fight against the effects of time," wrote Preta Gil in a post. In this way, he demonstrated the confidence and well-being that he feels with his appearance at this stage of his life. In fact, in a GShow article it was mentioned that for Preta, the natural silver hue represents her changes and maturity. Added to this, they would also demonstrate their growth from the pandemic period.

The truth is that like Preta Gil, many women go through various processes related to their physique and self-esteem. Thousands of women are deconstructing beauty patterns and proving that all bodies are unique, valuable, and beautiful.

There is a long way to go for society to stop generating the scenarios where women are pressured for their image. The figure, the size and, as we have seen, the hair color have been the subject of criticism in the past. Gray hair is part of human nature, and contrary to what is believed, they grant beauty and a range of valuable meanings that everyone is free to choose..