Remove tartar at home with this dental cleaner with gum protection mode

Last update: 21 January, 2022

If you drink a lot of coffee or tea, if you smoke, or if you eat several times without brushing three times a day, you probably have tartar. The tartar, also known as tartar or dental calculus, is the bacterial plaque that settles at the base of your teeth due to the deposit of minerals on the bacterial plaque. It’s a common condition, in fact, and you and your whole family may be suffering from it. But all is not lost, you can remove tartar at home with a dental cleaner that costs less than 40 euros and also protects the gums.

Tartar can have negative effects on both our oral and cosmetic health. It’s not nice to see you feel covered by this calculation. That is why many people use certain home cleaning techniques to reduce and/or remove tartar. But if you want faster and more professional results, go for this tartar remover that is easy to use but very effective for maintaining your teeth.

Care for and protect your teeth from tartar at home, with this affordable smart cleaner

This mouth cleaner is very easy to use. It only activates when the cleaning head comes into contact with your teeth and will immediately stop vibrating when it touches soft gums; therefore it is very safe to use. Just try not to leave the head fixed in one place for more than two seconds. You must keep it in constant motion on the affected part to eliminate all the accumulated dirt.

The high-frequency vibration it runs is how it cleans your teeth as it easily separates plaque and calculus. It has four cleaning modes: soft, normal, medium and strong. Luckily, it’s extremely quiet while in use, no matter how hard you’re working. Its effectiveness when cleaning is also an alternative to the use of medications against this condition.

You do not need to spend more on batteries, since it works with a fast charge through USB, and any mobile adapter. Automatically shuts off when fully charged and features energy saving. The best thing is that this load can serve continuously for 30 days. So you can use it for a long time without worrying about running out of enough power for your teeth cleaning.

If you find it very difficult to give up the things that gave you tartar in the first place (that is, coffee or any dark drink or you find it difficult to brush after every meal because you are probably on the street) then invest in that mouth cleaner that cares and also protect your gums for less than 40 euros. Remember that the accumulation of tartar could have negative consequences on your teeth.

Care for and protect your teeth from tartar at home, with this affordable smart cleaner

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