Relieve your menstrual pain with these simple yoga poses

You may think it is normal to have certain colic in your menstrual cycle. Sometimes these pains are due to medical causes, but other times they occur because we do not put the body in motion.

Being in the cycle, many women want to sleep, not go outside, much less exercise. However, far from helping the pain to go away, all this favors the pain to persist.

Yoga helps fight menstrual pain

Yoga is an ancient discipline from India and in recent years it has gained strength in our society. And it is not for less, its practice helps in all aspects to your body and mind. It is a discipline that receives us all equally, regardless of physical condition or age.

Thousands of women are joining yoga. This ancient Hindu discipline is becoming part of their lives significantly improving their moods especially during the cycle.

If you want to try it, you should bear in mind that it is not advisable to practice inversions such as Sarvangasana (the candle), or Sirsasana (overhead position) with the menstrual period, but it is actually somewhat adaptable.

Here we share more information about it, but if you have any questions, consult an instructor or a specialist:

– If the flow is very intense, inverting can help balance it, investing that energy.

– If it is a moderate or low flow, better avoid them and let the force of gravity act.

– If the rule is very annoying, it is better not to practice. Pain is a warning that indicates the need for rest, whether it is a day or several. In this case, resting will be the best yoga practice.

– If it hurts, do not take a pain reliever and practice the postures with everything. It's okay to ease the pain but you won't trick your physiology. Then you can feel truly exhausted.

– If any posture gives you some apprehension intuitively, listen to yourself. Your instinct is always a good advisor.

– Above all, be kind to yourself when you have your period, and pamper yourself. This practice is great for that and it will also help you sleep well.

Recommended positions

With these positions you can do routines that adapt to your schedules. Remember to always stretch before starting and always maintain a good position. Don't force yourself into a pose if you can't, with practice you will eventually.

The child's position

Get on your knees and place your glutes on your feet, tilting your head forward and resting your forehead on the floor.

There are two ways to do this asana. First, you can put your arms on either side of your body back or you can bring them forward and place your palms on the floor. Relax completely while taking between 5 or 10 deep breaths.

Cobra pose

This asana helps reduce cramps and abdominal pain. You can do it by lying on your stomach on the floor, stretch your legs and spread them a little. Rest the palms of your hands on the floor at shoulder height. Inhale deeply, you will lift your torso without straining your body. You must maintain the posture without raising your shoulders or straining your neck.

Bridge pose

The following pose will specifically help release the tension built up in your lower back and pelvis by relieving abdominal pain.

Lying on your back, with your arms outstretched, place your feet parallel and support the soles on the ground, if you can take the ankles with your hands. Inhale and raise your hips slowly until you reach your shoulder blades.

Remember to choose a space where you can relax, yoga invites you to meditate. You should also do some simple warm-up exercises and wear comfortable clothes. So you will enjoy this Hindu discipline that is here to stay.

Yoga series for menstruation

Postures performed at a slow pace will help you deepen your breathing, which is a natural pain reliever. This sequence will help you moderate menstrual discomfort and restore body harmony. You can relax your hips and lower back, which is also balancing.

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