Reishi and chaga, what benefits provide the two mushrooms that you can take right now to strengthen your immune system

Eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, stick to recommendations issued by health authorities To avoid the spread of the coronavirus and to abandon toxic habits (such as smoking or drinking alcohol) are the legs of the table on which a immune system capable of defending ourselves from anything. But if we want to help you a little more, it does not hurt to have all the allies at our disposal. Reishi mushroom and chaga seem to be a good option to get it, You want to know why?

What is reishi mushroom and how does it affect the immune system

Of the two mushrooms that appear in this article, surely this is the one that is more familiar to you. The fame of the reishi mushroom precedes it, among other things because its consumption throughout Asia is very common and there they consider him a must of traditional medicine.

The reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum), which can be easily found in herbalists as a nutritional supplement, has been investigated for decades because like all superfoods it is attributed almost miraculous properties. Obviously, when its molecules and their effects are observed in a laboratory, not everything that is promised is fulfilled, but Yes, it has been proven that it has effects on some very interesting aspects of our healthespecially right now.


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Several studies have verified that some of the components of this fungus positively influence our immune system. In general, the reishi mushroom is capable of influencing white blood cells (increases their number when we are sick), increases the number of lymphocytes if we are stressed and activates Natural Killers, cells of the immune system that fight infection and cancer cells.

If you want to try the benefits of this supplement, remember that you should consult your doctor beforehand to avoid interactions with medications and other substances, although it is not common if the correct dosage is respected and you are healthy. liver problems have been reported on at least two occasions by ingestion of this fungus. It is also not suitable for people who are going to undergo surgery, have high blood pressure, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

What is the chaga mushroom and how does it affect the immune system

The second fungus that most influences our defenses comes from the cold Siberian steppes, also used in supplement form and it also promises good results for our health.

Inonotus obliquus (which is the scientific name of this fungus) has been shown in the laboratory (in vitro and in animal studies) that it is capable of promoting the formation of beneficial cytokines and inhibit the production of inflammatory cytokines. Cytokines are the proteins responsible for communication between the cells of the immune system, the messengers that the immune system needs to act in a coordinated way. But there are several types of cytokines and some of them, depending on the situation we are going through, do not suit us at all.


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For example, pro-inflammatory cytokines are beneficial in some early stages of a disease in which inflammation may be the defensive response that the body needs. But an inflammation maintained over time is not healthy, so it is good that there is that balance between one and the other. The cytokines whose formation promotes the ingestion of the chaga mushroom stimulate the action of white blood cells and they help control inflammatory cytokines.

As in the case of the reishi mushroom, before taking this supplement you should consult your doctor. Its use is completely discouraged in diabetics, people who take anticoagulants (and remember that aspiration has that effect), patients who are going to undergo surgery, patients with autoimmune diseases, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

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