Reiki: What is it and what happens if the 21 days of healing are not completed?

More and more people choose the reiki more frequently, not only as a complement to medicine, but with the aim of cleanse and purify the soul and energies. However, not everyone can complete the 21 days of healing, and many wonder what happens, in these cases.

Although it is a method that began in the 1920s in Japan, the reiki It became a trend especially in recent years in which the routine and the overload of activities often cover up the feelings and take time to think about how each one feels, people choose this option in order to find themselves and achieve a balance of body and soul.

However, many people, when hearing about this practice, think that this has to do with magical cures for diseases and that leads them to disbelief.

But, this has to do with a much deeper healing of both mind and soul. Many times thoughts invade the head and generate uncertainty, anguish, stress and obstacles in various aspects of life.

So what does reiki refer to?What are the 21 days of healing? How can you improve mental health and energy through this? Get to know all the details in this article.

Is a discipline based on the stabilization of chi, which is a universal life force. So reiki is a technique by which the person who practices it transmits that vital energy to the other person with the aim of harmonizing all their chakras and thus achieving peace, tranquility and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

[Tal> Reiki: healing through the transmission of universal energy]

It serves to release emotions, relieve headaches and even muscle aches, collaborates with a good rest and in this way the body is healthier. Those who practice Reiki help others to activate their energies.

This technique can be carried out in person or remotely and there are different levels of reiki.

It is necessary to clarify, which is a complementary therapy to medicine or psychology, which does not imply that if you do reiki you should not consult a doctor, it is not an alternative.


Surely you have read ever the phrase "the 21 days of Reiki: symptoms". This refers to initiation period: symptoms can appear easily during this process, whether physical or emotional.

After the beginning in any of the reiki levels the person goes through these days that are taken as "Self-healing"; period during which all the chakras open one by one.

Although many people believe that if the 21 days of purification are not completed, the process will not be completely carried out, the truth is that you will have also started in reiki, the important thing will be to continue practicing it if you are sure that you want to carry out this technique and why it is done.

What is necessary to clarify is that these days have a meaning. In the body 5 million cells per second die and are replaced. In this framework, humans need 21 days to completely renew all the cells of our body and, complying with these cleansing days, it is possible for the new cells to develop in a healthy body.

Reiki sessions can produce various symptoms of energy cleansing.

Once the central channel is started, it opens and the same person is doing collaborates with the energy doing a self-treatment, and going to level 2 of reiki If you started from the beginning

During these days symptoms such as sweating are common; flu; headache, neck and throat; fever and even allergies, as well as bad moods, anger, depression, and anger.

The meaning of reiki sensations have to do with the movement of energy and with the body's own cleansing. Also, it is possible that visualizations appear during reiki, or memories.


During this period in which a energetic cleansing, it is also necessary to purify the body of toxic substances.

That is why many recommend during these days to release toxins and avoid the consumption of certain things such as alcohol, tobacco, unnatural juices, sugar, coffee, the consumption of meat, especially red meat and canned products. In addition, it is recommended to drink a lot of water and consume fruits.


Surely if you are already in the second level of reiki, and you go through the 21 days, here are some tips to do it, considering for each position 2 minutes:

Chakra colors, images: Here you can see how each point and each color is related to a function or organ of the body.

1. To cleanse the aura. Place the right hand on the left shoulder and sweep it until it touches the left hand. Do the same on the other side. Put your hands together at chest level and repeat the mantra about 3 times.

2. Unlock the chakras. Place the palms of your hands first on the face for two minutes and bring them towards the ears for the same time.

3.Place your hands on the back of your head and then hug your neck.

4. If you are right-handed, put your right hand over your heart and rest the other on it. If you are left-handed, do it the other way around.

5. Bring the hand that was left to the forehead and keep the dominant hand over the heart.

6. Lower your hand resting on your heart toward your stomach.

7. Move the forehead to the neck and bring the stomach to 4 fingers below the navel.

8. Move the hand from the belly towards the genitals and place the hand from the neck on the crown.

9. Place hands below the chest and then towards the belly, groin, clavicles, shoulder blades, kidneys, buttocks with the fingers up, one hand on each knee, one on each instep and on each sole of the foot.

Source: Sersana

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