Reflexology: wear a clothes pin on your ear and improve your health

It may sound strange to think that a brooch or clothespin placed on your ear can become a powerful painkiller, and even improve your health. However, it is not so strange when you understand that your ear is a huge map of reflexology.

According to this ancient Japanese technique, pressing at different points allows to create a state of harmony in the body. Reflexology indicates that there are four parts that, when pressed correctly, can alleviate symptoms elsewhere: they are the hands, feet, nose or ears.

Those who practice this technique claim that the ears, hands, feet and nose function as a map of the body. When pressed, activate the mirror areas, which reflect that pressure on the organs with which these points are linked, activating the circulation and ending with various discomforts.

Of course there are professionals who have developed reflexology for years with incredible results, but if you want to make a first approach at home, you can use a clothes pin to put pressure on your ear and see how it works.

Spoiler alert: you're going to hallucinate with the results.

Where to put the clothespin or clasp according to the pain

Next, we will show you a simplified map of your ear. Place a clothespin at the corresponding point depending on where you have the discomfort and discover how it disappears.

Point 1: back and shoulders

The first point of reflexology in the ear helps to calm the pains and contractures of the back and shoulders. Use the pin at that point for a minute, and repeat the process several times a day to see how the tension decreases.

Point 2: internal organs

To counteract serious diseases in internal organs, it is important that you consult a specialist. However, for small discomforts like stomach pain, you can place a clothespin in point 2.

Point 3: joints

The third point, that is, the middle part of the ear, is intimately linked with joint problems. These can be particularly painful and bring many complications.

Applying a clothes pin at point 3 is not going to completely eliminate the problem, but it will help you noticeably reduce the symptoms. You can also apply pressure with your fingers.

Point 4: sinuses and throat

For problems in the throat or nasal sinuses, such as sinusitis, the ideal thing is to use the clothespin by pressing on point 4. It also serves to relieve symptoms of colds or seasonal allergies.

As always, it helps mainly to reduce bothersome symptoms, but if the disease becomes chronic it is always advisable to consult a specialist.

Point 5: digestion

If you usually feel digestive discomfort, heaviness, gas, acidity, etc., this is the point of your ear to which you should pay more attention. Just above the lobe is the mirror of the entire digestive system.

Therefore, if you apply pressure right there you will discover that your digestive processes become easier and lighter.

Point 6: head and heart

These two points may seem very isolated, but if you think about it, they are the two most important nuclei of the functioning of the human body. That is why the ear lobe, in reflexology, involves improving the functioning of these two poles.

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What did you think of this technique? Will you use it regularly?

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