Rectal swab: is it more effective or not at detecting coronavirus?

In the same way that there is a rectal temperature measurement, it happens that China has begun to use the rectal swab to rule out COVID-19. Is it or not more effective in detecting the coronavirus?

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Why is this detection mode chosen?

It happens that the virus stays longer in rectum and stool. Therefore, it is considered to be a 100% reliable method to know if someone has the virus. Given the emergency, many consider that this swab should be done.

It is worth saying that the diagnosis seems to be faster, since the samples are easier to work with in the laboratory. Also, there is no margin for error. Therefore, many epidemiologists recommend this swab.

While countries like Italy have approved a rapid coronavirus test, they happen to be unreliable. Likewise, it happens that so far none vaccine It has given satisfactory results. Therefore, the ideal is 100% safe detection.

There is an undoubted problem: it is an uncomfortable and invasive method

For example: at airports, people must queue to receive the nose test. In and of themselves, people complain when they introduce a long swab, which goes through the nostril and goes in quite deep.

Well, the above described would trigger resounding protests in case of swabbing described in this text. Although the Chinese government does not seem to have contemplations to order such a type of diagnosis, in other nations the matter would be different.

A good example is a neighborhood in Beijing, where rectal swab was performed en masse hundreds of Chinese in a health day. It is worth saying that the order was blunt: all the inhabitants of the neighborhood had to take the test.

The truth is that it seems to be a very effective to detect the virus. However, for many the COVID has already caused enough discomfort: masks, quarantine, gloves, restrictions … and now this invasive way to detect infections.

This mode of detection is recommended in intubated patients.

When a person is hospitalized, it is difficult to remove the breathing tube. In addition, it is a risk: virus can be spread in the health center. Therefore, in such cases this method is recommended.

However, it is not a recommended way to detect the virus in other circumstances. Although this method is said to be 100% safe, it happens to be quite annoying.

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What other ways will there be to detect COVID? Well, surely ways to do this test will be discovered that are effective and do not cause pity among people. You have to live with this pandemic and do it in the best possible way.