Reasons why you should eat a banana every day

He banana, that fruit that gives so many headaches. Urban legends say that it is one of the worst fruits you can consume if you are on a diet. That fattens in abundance, that you should never eat it – never of the ever – at night and that its sugars are not exactly beneficial.

Either you love it or you hate it, there is no intermediate point. If you are one of those who would give everything to be able to eat bananas at all hours, you are in luck: Benefits of this fruit are countless.


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The banana is rich in potassium and phosphorus. It contains less carbohydrates than banana (no, banana and banana are not the same) and is the perfect fruit to sweeten desserts, cravings and dishes without having to resort to sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Do you need more good data to give you a privileged place in the fruit bowl? If yes, wait to read this: its high content in tryptophan fights autumn asthenia and can even help alleviate premenstrual syndrome. When consumed, the body transforms this amino acid into serotonin, which guarantees a good instantaneous mood (or at least, a slight sense of well-being. See you coming; not by eating bunches of bananas right and left, you will feel better in an ipsofacta way , though, you will accumulate its many other benefits).

Rich in vitamin B, it helps calm the nervous system and stomach upset. Banana is a very potent prtector of the intestinal mucosa and can interfere when it comes to preventing ulcers, squirrels or heavy disgestions. You know, if you suffer a continuous gut discomfort … a bang to the bag and agree. You can even buy a 'tupper' to take it in a say way. Then don't say.

If you suffer from anemia it will become your indispensable ally: it contains high levels of iron, which favor the formation of hemoglobin in the blood.

And its high sugar content?

Do not panic. Yes, the banana has high sugar levels, specifically, three types: glucose, fructose and sucrose. But they are of natural origin, so they are healthy. What's more, the banana is very rich in fiber and contains little fat so its nutritional values ​​are balanced and help to make sugar absorption faster. The only harmful sugar is the so-called 'free' that would comprise table sugar, the present in the ultra-porous, the syrup … but the sugar naturally present in the fruit will never be harmful.


But … how to introduce the banana in the day to day?

As stated Hitoshi Watanabe, the author of 'The Morning Banana Regimen' and creator of the Japanese diet, a fasting daily banana, in addition to being a source of essential nutrients, promotes weight loss, so you have no excuse: we have found the food that will make your life easier. Say goodbye to miracle diets and Put a banana in your life.

Incorporating it into daily food is the easiest task of all. As a dessert, it is perfect when it comes to settling the stomach. If you use it to sweeten dishes such as smoothies or pastry recipes, you will say goodbye to artificial sweeteners, so you will gain in health. A trick if you do not want to consume help in the morning? Put it as a topping of your breakfast toast. Healthy, Wealthy and easy. And above all, an original way of consuming it that improves even more due to its satiating power.

What are you waiting for? We are thinking of ordering boxes and boxes and boxes …

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