Ravintsara, the essential oil that cures everything

Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years to treat a multitude of health problems. One of the most effective, both as a preventive and as a great ally to combat symptoms and diseases, is ravintasara essential oil, a remedy for the whole family It should not be missing in your house.

Properties of ravintsara essential oil

It is one of the most powerful essential oils considered antiviral, even with viruses that mutate and become more resistant. It has a scent similar to eucalyptus and, despite being so powerful, it is not an especially strong essential oil so it is well tolerated, without side effects, and they can even be used perfectly by children, in fact mothers who bet on essential oils to complete medical treatment or to prevent diseases usually have ravintasara at home, although it is always advisable to consult the pediatrician before using it. Its use is not recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy.

It is an energizing, bactericidal oil, stimulates the immune system, is an antioxidant and contributes to the good function of the respiratory system, being of great help in case of colds and colds or as prevention. A small but great elixir that helps the body to strengthen and recover.

Why use ravintsara essential oil

Having energizing properties, it is used in cases of tiredness, fatigue, stress, anxiety or insomnia. But Its most widespread use is especially in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the respiratory system. such as bronchitis, cold, pharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis …

Also used in case of viral infections such as herpes, mononucleosis, or flu.

Helps to decongest the airways, to raise the defenses naturally, relieves muscle tension and fights associated pain. It is also a great asset to combat cellulite and drain excess fluid through a lymphatic massage.

How to use ravintasara

You can use ravintsara in your diffuser or humidifier by putting a few drops in the water or apply it topically. Does not usually give problems applied directly to the skin but in case of sensitive and reactive skin it is advisable to mix a few drops with a vegetable base oil such as almond oil or jojoba oil.

If it is to prevent or treat a respiratory disease, it is very effective to put the oil in the throat and chest area, but also on the upper back and on the soles of the feet. In the case of muscle pain or cramps, it would be applied to the affected area.

You can too add a few drops to your anti-cellulite or body moisturizer to promote tissue drainage. It can even be taken orally by putting a couple of drops in a tablespoon of honey to facilitate expectoration.


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For cases of stress, insomnia, tiredness and anxiety, the ideal is to put a few drops on the pillow, on the wrists or at pulsation points, as well as in a humidifier.

If you want to keep away colds and colds due to the changes of time, in addition to an effective muscle toner, we recommend having ravintsara on hand, a multipurpose essential oil that helps maintain physical and mental health. It is incredible what a small bottle can do for your health, if you try it it will surely be installed forever in your family medicine cabinet.

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