Rattan bedside table, mirror and bench: the three essential pieces from H&M Home for decorating your bedroom

Believe it or not, to give him a new image your home does not need to get into expensive reforms or hire the work of a professional. With a little (good) taste and two or three pieces selected, the different rooms of your house can change completely. Today we are going to focus on the bedroom and to show you how with good ideas (like including wallpaper) and just three pieces of the new H&M Home collectionyour room looks different.

We all know that the best way to change the image of your room is to renew the linens, That is why today we are not going to talk to you about this. But how many times have you looked at the sides of the bed and been horrified by that bedside table What have you been so many years without changing? It looks like a small object, but if you pay a little attention to it, your room will look like another. That’s why we loved this nightstand with doorsespecially the version that combines the beige with the black. It is made of ash wood veneer with a lacquered effect, with rounded corners, lattice doors pine and painted metal legs. An ideal deco whim that you can get for €149.

We continue with this reform without works of your bedroom, and the second object chosen is a asymmetric mirror 85 centimeters high by 50 wide that will decorate one of the walls of your room by itself without the need to include anything else. Ideal to make you selfie in front of the mirror and show your followers your day-to-day looks. And all of them for the €99 what it costs

And we end our selection with a bench with rattan seat which is ideal to place at the foot of the bed and sit down to put on and take off your shoes. It is made in meranti wood with a rattan seat and you can choose between brown or black, although due to the combination of the rest of the pieces, we prefer the seat Brown (price: 149 euros).

You see that no more than three pieces for completely change a room. test it and tell us.

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