Raquel Perera and other celebrities with psoriasis: from Kim Kardashian to Britney Spears

The publication of an integral nude by Raquel Perera started all kinds of comments. An alleged effect of light made many think that Alejandro Sanz's ex-wife I had vitiligo. To settle the issue, days later Rachel refused to suffer from this disease, but did confess to psoriasis. “I don't have vitiligo although if I had it nothing would happen, I do have psoriasis. Visible war wounds. Someday they will leave too. ” With these words, the psychologist wanted to normalize this ailment that many people suffer in the world, and many celebrities.

Rachel has shown the marks of her illness.

Kim Kardashian It is another known face with psoriasis. Although for years he made up and tried to hide the marks of his illness, for a long time the socialite shows them without shame and talks about it. Kim confessed that he grew up watching his mother Kris Jenner He suffers from this disease in the body and scalp. She, meanwhile, has shown brands in several parts of the body, including face, that affect him since the age of 25. And, although always goes too much makeup, under so much layer there is another reality.

On this occasion, Kim showed the marks on his face.

Psoriasis is a skin disease that is characterized by red and scaly lesions quite uncomfortable for those who suffer from it. Although it has no cure, its symptoms can be controlled. And if not, tell them to Britney Spears. Although the pop princess has not spoken publicly about this condition, the truth is that she does not try to hide it either. On several occasions, Britney has shown some lesions in the ankle area which, experts say, is psoriasis.

Cara Delevingne He also knows what it is to suffer from this disease. Although it has been publicly confirmed, there are many occasions in which we have seen the model wearing marks on both arms and legs. Photos on social networks, perched on red carpet or fashion shows, Cara It does not hide that you have psoriasis.

This is how the model showed its brands in its social networks.

Who did try to hide it for years was Cindy Lauper. It was in 2017 when the veteran singer confessed that she had suffered since 2010. Apparently, in her case, she started in scalp and quickly spread throughout the rest of the body except for the face. "It is surprising how many people have it and do not talk about it," added the artist who wanted to give visibility to this disease.

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