Quorn, the vegetable protein that helps you control your weight

Within a healthy diet there are different options to maintain good health across the table without the need to give up any nutrients. People who eat a vegetarian diet or those who prefer to minimize meat consumption have alternatives to not stop taking enough protein in their menus. One of these protein options of plant origin is Quorn, a food that is virtually unknown in our country but has been present in daily menus outside our borders for decades.

What is the Quorn?

The Quorn It is very popular for years in countries such as the US, United Kingdom, France or Germany, however, it is a little known product in our country so far, although it can be found in more stores and restaurants.


It is a product made with protein from the fungus Fusarium venenatum, read like this is a bit scary but This mycoprotein is extracted through a fermentation process where the food is safe and suitable for human consumption..

Properties and benefits of Quorn

It contains all the essential amino acids hence its success in other countries. It has a high fiber content so it improves intestinal transit, facilitates the elimination of toxins and helps control weight effectively.


It helps regulate cholesterol levels and control blood pressure thanks to its low sodium content. In addition the Quorn has about 85 kcal per 100 gr so It becomes a good option to include in slimming diets.

According to a study from the University of Louisiana, the Quorn would have a highly satiating power, even more than chicken. It is a high quality and highly digestive protein Will it be the perfect plant-based protein?

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Is it a vegetarian or vegan product? What happens to the allergens?

The original Quorn, despite being of plant origin, was not a vegan product as it contained egg white and / or dairy, However, now there are vegan varieties, always look at the list of ingredients and usually wear the vegan badge. As for gluten more of the same, the original version does have gluten but you can find Quorn gluten free products.

Finally, when looking at the list of ingredients, like any processed product you will find different qualities, always choose foods that have a good percentage of Quorn in their preparation and flees from those products that have a ridiculous percentage of mycoprotein and many additives, preservatives, sugar, starches …


Quorn can be a great choice to include more vegetable protein in the diet but if you are not attentive to the ingredients you can make the mistake of believing that you are eating a healthy food when it is not. Always look carefully at the labels before choosing a product.

The quorn It is prepared as you would prepare the chicken, sauteed, in strips, in grilled pieces for salad, curries … It has a consistency that aims to emulate chicken and it is very easy to make recipes with it. Although it is not very normal to find it in any supermarket yes you can find it in herbalists and bio and specialized stores. Bon appétit!

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