Quarantine diet to avoid gaining the kilos that it is estimated that we will gain weight

We are not surprised by the fact because it is something that many people are experiencing these days: more desire to eat than ever, especially if it is processed products or calorie snacks. It is what boredom has: "It causes a compulsive intake of food and snacks between hours that can lead to being overweight," they explain from Clínica Opción Médica, whose estimates point to We can increase from three to five kilos during these days. Above all, if we add sedentary lifestyle to this. That is why we have proposed to join the quarantine diet, which does not consist of making a highly restrictive eating plan, far from it. But in following small and simple advice that can help us.

"If you want to minimize weight gain from physical inactivity, an interesting way could be in reduce (no need to eliminate) the amount of carbohydrate-rich foods”Suggests nutritionist Carlos Ríos in one of his latest Instagram posts.

Tips for a quarantine diet

– Controls carbohydrates from cereals

That is to say: bread, cornflakes, oats, rice, pasta … But also, for example, potatoes. "They are the ones that provide more energy by weight (> 150 kcal per 100g). Therefore, these would be the foods over which you would have to exercise the most throughout the day and reduce their consumption ”, explains the expert, who suggests accompanying them with vegetables in the case of cooking them.

– Bet on legumes (almost) daily

They are not only satiating, they are also healthy and nutritious. "They provide an energy density similar to that of cereals, but these are especially interesting for their richness in plant-based proteins." In addition, they can be eaten practically daily.

– Increase fruit consumption

Change the mid-morning snack for a piece of fruit: it will give you energy, help you feel fuller and all this in exchange for very few calories. "Two or three pieces a day before, after eating or between meals would be ideal," advises the expert.

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– Prioritize vegetables and greens

Do you know that they have less than 50 calories per 100 grams? Therefore, preparing soups or creams of vegetables can help us not to fall into weight gain. “They are rich in fiber, water and with a low energy density. It is suggested that the combination of fiber (present in these foods) and protein foods is the most satiating. Therefore, do not forget to always consume them. Don't worry about their quantity. "

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