Quantum Meditation: What Is It About And How To Practice It?

Through the quantum meditation it is possible to have a proactive experience, which will offer people the opportunity to access their unconscious self. With the aim of creating that life they always wanted to live. Therefore, we will talk in more detail about what this variation of meditation is all about and how to practice it.

What is quantum meditation based on?

The practice of quantum meditation it has to do with the principles of quantum physics, focused on an observer effect. Quantum physics being a kind of study that is carried out by expert scientists. Where after various tests, investigations and infinities of repetitions, it was possible to determine that the things that materialize are the ones that receive the most attention. And if that attention is withdrawn, the events that occur will not be the same.

So, quantum meditation is a technique that is based on modifying the beliefs and also the attitudes of the person. Characteristics that normally prevent said person from progressing and experiencing constant mental blocks. Through a style of meditation such as this, it is intended to open a door to what is known as a new dimension.

Within physiopsychology, it is a method that is used to offer knowledge about the way in which the glands work. Especially those that are responsible for regulating the immune system, the endocrine system and emotionality. Which is located towards the frontal lobe in the brain of a person.

Likewise, with quantum meditation you want to search through knowledge, the awakening of reason. But also the activation of all those things that drive the person towards a state of elevation in consciousness. Keeping your mind totally calm and collected is the best way to learn to create a better reality every day.

At this point, the brain must be given internal orders, while emotions, feelings and thoughts are illuminated. Following a kind of vibration in the higher frequencies, but being in complete harmony.

Benefits of practicing quantum meditation

Due to the rapidity in the acceleration of daily life, people live immersed without realizing it and over time this could have counterproductive effects. The most notable benefits that can be obtained with quantum meditation, they fall on getting the connection and knowledge of the being itself. Therefore, this is a tool used to focus on thoughts as well as emotions.

Having done that, it will be possible to create, while maintaining full consciousness, a reality that allows the individual to channel all their energies, in order to obtain an improvement in their well-being.

In other words, the quantum meditation helps people keep their minds in check, and be prepared. In such a way that they can face any situation, or any challenge that implies submitting to a lot of stress and tension. Maintaining a state of greater security, without the need to immerse yourself in the most negative emotions.

Being good on the emotional level is a great improvement for the physical part. This is because it will be able to activate all the functions of the immune system, as well as the metabolism. However, there are many benefits that this kind of meditation can generate in a person, and some of them are:

Bodily benefits

– Lowers blood pressure, being very helpful for those who suffer from hypertension.

– Reduces body pain, very similar to what happens with painkillers.

– Improves digestive problems.

– Control any kind of skin disorders.

– It prevents the brain from losing volume and prevents brain aging, increasing gray matter.

– Tonsils may decrease in size.

– Helps improve the general functioning of the immune system.

– A meditation like this reduces breathing problems.

– Represents an improvement for blood circulation.

Psychological benefits

– Intellectual awareness increases.

– Promotes the development of empathy and emotional intelligence.

– Increases the performance of the agility of the mind.

– Likewise, it represents an improvement for memory and for all functions at the cognitive level.

– It will decrease the selfish activity that occurs in the brain.

– It is an improvement for the ability to learn and for concentration.

– Strengthens the skills to face addictions.

– Significantly increases resistance to pain.

– Controls the states of insomnia, improving the quality of sleep.

– It progressively modifies the genes.

– It generates the appearance of more positive thoughts and therefore increases the states of happiness.

Classification of quantum meditation

The variety of practices in quantum meditation is quite wide. But the one that generates the most positive effects is meditation that achieves well-being and through that the person identifies better. Among the most common types of quantum meditation are:

  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Transcendental meditation
  • Vipassana meditation
  • Zen meditation

How should quantum meditation be practiced?

To practice the quantum meditation you have to have a few minutes in the day. Preferably in a place where or there is no distraction with external noises. A room where the mind is very relaxed, as this is one of the best ways to practice this method.

Once the person is in the most appropriate place, they will have to get into a fairly comfortable position. This can be sitting or even lying down. This done, the individual should now focus all their attention on their breathing. Taking a slow breath, until you have noticed that your lungs have filled. And after that the air will be gently expelled through the mouth.

At that time, the person will go through his entire body, starting from the bottom to the top. The toes will always be the starting point and the end point will be the head. Keeping the mind centered and observing the sensations or also the thoughts, without having to stop. When the body tour is finished, the person has to establish positive thinking. Pausing on that thought for a few seconds, in order for the energy to flow.

During the procedure that involves quantum meditation, you can take advantage of the exercise by playing some soft music. Subsequently, all beliefs that represent an obstacle for the person to achieve their goals will be eliminated. That done, it will proceed to create a kind of new Self. He will proceed to give thanks, since what has been created is considered within the quantum field. And it will materialize when the person has full confidence that their goals will come true.

The new reality will materialize the moment the mind breaks the belief in the limit. Taking then those thoughts that have been created to a future, and that same future will be brought into the present.

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Meditation to improve sleep

Quantum meditation is often used to promote states of body relaxation, and at the same time mental. Both are essential points for people to increase their quality of sleep. A meditation like this is ideal for those who suffer from severe insomnia problems or have difficulty falling asleep. Various studies have been able to show that through this practice people obtain good results.

Performing quantum meditation frequently will offer benefits for the body in general. As mentioned, a state of muscle relaxation is achieved and the level of stress, anxiety and even the level of depression is decreased.

Meditation to heal

Apart from being a type of meditation that significantly helps with sleep, it is also widely used to find total healing. Whether it is only to want to relieve pain, some discomfort or also a disease. In some guided practices, instructors lead the person to heal themselves with quantum meditation. Well, it is known that most personal ills are within the mind.

Guided Meditation

It is a practice that is conducted by a specialist instructor, but falls within the scope of quantum meditation. This instructor could not only be a natural person, but digital resources could also be used to carry out a good practice. The idea is that the basic notions of everything that this kind of meditation entails are fulfilled.

It mainly happens when the people who want to participate do not know much about the subject. Or it could also be a resource used by those who will have a different kind of meditation, to which they are usually accustomed.


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