Purifying diet after excesses

We have had a few weeks of a frantic pace in which you have probably altered eating habits and routines on several occasions, not to mention lack of sleep or excess alcohol. Finally, it is time to give the body a truce and return to good manners but first we must return to the body health by helping to eliminate toxins that probably could have accumulated these days. Sign up for these healthy tips to cleanse your body after excess.

Water is your best ally

Water is going to help you eliminate toxins and waste substances that the body has accumulated, either through urine or sweat. Drink lots of water to make liver work easier and to rehydrate your body.

A trick used by yogis, and Ayurvedic medicine in general, is to drink a fasting glass of warm water in the morning with a splash of lemon juice. The objective of this ritual is to balance the pH of the blood, This alkalizing effect is associated with powerful healthy benefits for the body, among them, favoring the elimination of toxins. and take care of the liver.

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Infusions and purifying broths

You do not need to swell to drink water, if you do not feel able to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day you can choose to take infusions and sports broths that will also enhance that elimination of toxins that have accumulated because of alcohol, sugar, processed …

Our recommendation is that you opt for diuretic infusions such as green tea (which is also loaded with antioxidants that fight the effects of free radicals), horsetail, birch, artichoke or dandelion. As for the purifying wines we love leeks but you can combine several vegetables such as chard, turnip, carrot and celery.

Vegetables yes but which ones?

Increase these days the consumption of vegetables, especially those with a bitter touch that are perfect to help the liver recover its full functioning. Endives, thistle, artichokes, escarole or eggplant are very good options to help your body purify. Always prepare them lightly such as steamed, baked or grilled.

Detox smothies are also a great idea to get back to normal these days. Bet on green leafy vegetables such as kale or spinach and combine them with celery and lemon juice.

Fiber matters

After Christmas meals you have surely experienced symptoms or consequences as undesirable as constipation or abdominal swelling. If you want to recover your figure and eliminate that fluid retention and bloated gut feeling, remember to include a lot of fiber in your diet to help you eliminate waste substances.

If you are going to have better fruit, take the whole piece because the juice eliminates practically all the fiber that the fruit has, in addition to increasing blood sugar if you drink more. Increase the consumption of fruits such as pineapple, kiwi or apples, and foods such as nuts, seeds, sprouts or whole wheat bread. In the blink of an eye you will be able to show a flatter belly without just dieting.

Dinners are key

Eating earlier is key in a purifying diet because at night we are not so active and burn fewer calories, You can also go to bed with the digestion done and light as a feather To sleep like a baby

Ideally, dinner a portion of protein such as chicken, turkey, eggs or fish made simply and without sauces, baked, steamed or grilled would be perfect. Accompany your steamed or grilled vegetable protein to have the perfect dinner, you'll see how the next morning you feel much more deflated.

Helping your body to purify is not only going to help you eliminate toxins and lose weight, It also fights headaches, tiredness, insomnia, irritability, skin disorders, fluid retention … Do not wait much longer to help your body return to normal.

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