Proven: Having a cup of spinach a day can help you lose weight

Remember when Popeye ate a can of spines to get his particular superpower? If something we learned from those drawings is to value this vegetable. But now you're going to do it even more, since a study published by the US National Library of Medicine has revealed that Taking a cup of spinach a day (about five grams) helps you lose weight effectively.

They reached that conclusion after analyzing a group of women who underwent a weight loss plan for three months. Some of them took five grams of spinach every day to analyze its effect. The result was that those who included this vegetable in their diet lost a 43% more weight than those who did not.


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To lose weight you need more than just taking spins

The reason why these women lost weight faster was due to the spinach properties, because it is one of the lightest vegetables. In fact one cup contains only seven calories. They are also rich in fiber, which provides a greater feeling of satiety and contain interesting amounts of vitamin A, folic acid and vitamin C. Although keep in mind that most of these nutrients are lost during cooking, so the ideal is to take them raw, either in smoothies or salads.

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However, for many benefits they have, spinach is not magical on its own; you will not lose weight simply by taking them every day. The weight loss takes place when you consume fewer calories than usual and if you also exercise regularly.

In short, if you want spinach to have this effect on you, you should combine them with a diet free of processed food and pay attention to the amount of your portions, prioritizing the quality of what you eat above the quantity and exercising at least three days a week.

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