Protect yourself this summer: the essential sun creams for your holidays

Summer is here to stay. The high temperatures invite us to leave aside the city to enjoy the plans on the beach, the pool and the mountain. A summer time in which we are very concerned about solar radiation, an interest on the effects of the sun on our skin, which we should have 365 days a year.

And, to protect the dermis well, you must choose your sunscreen correctly. In addition to looking at the protection factor, you must take into account what sunscreens it contains. Choose those that protect your skin and that respect the environment. Pay attention to the labels to know which are those that use sunscreens that are not oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene. Also depending on your needs and skin type, you can choose a protector or another. Next, we propose the best lots to protect you from the sun.

To protect your face

Every time we go outside we must protect our face from the damage caused by solar radiation. In addition, in large cities, pollution factor it is the clear culprit for the lack of luminosity and the premature aging of the skin. It uses an invisible shield like the Galénic Aqua Urban for neutralize the damage produced by pollution, free radicals and UV.

With the same philosophy, in the Avéne Dermatological Laboratories you will find your B-Protect with factor 50+ for a luminous and radiant face. If your skin has tendency to fat you can opt for A-Derma with its Matifying Fluid SPF 50+ or ​​with the Silky Fluid SPF 50+ from Polysianes, indicated for clear and sensitive skins.

The skins with spots have their solution in the range Melascreen of Ducray. Its Light Cream Melascreen UV SPF 50+ attenuates dark spots and protects from photoaging.

To pamper your skin

A good sunscreen should take care of the skin and avoid dehydration. A double function that you can find in the lots of Eau Thermale de Avéne. Both its 50+ Spray and its 50+ Milk have a fluid and light texture that absorbs quickly. In addition, your vegetable glycerin provides hydration for 6 hours.

And if you are looking for anti-aging protection, find it in the range of Polysianes you have your Body Naked Gel to the Monoï SPF 30 that combines a high protection and a delicately pearly texture to wear a luminous tan with total security.

The most fragile skins they no longer have to suffer thanks to A-Derma. Their plots contain the star component of the signature, Avena Rhealba, for a soothing and repairing care of the most sensitive dermis. Even for skins with atopic tendency, thanks to Protect AD, which protects from the harmful effects of UV rays restoring the skin barrier thanks to a specific emollient complex.

A radiant and protected mane

Hair is one of the great forgotten when it comes to protecting ourselves from the sun, a serious mistake that happens to us in September. Brittle, lifeless hair is what we see around the holidays. To stop this, you must choose products that take care of the hair fiber against solar radiation.

In René Furterer you will find a Protective Fluid with KPF 50+ that resists water and does not cake. Your formula prevents dehydration and softens. Also in the Klorane Laboratories have formulated with Ylang Ylang Protective Oil with UVA and UVB filters that, besides protecting your hair from the sun, Protects from salt and chlorine, so damaging to our hair.

And to complete the care after the exhibition, bet on masks and shampoo to complement the action of the protectors. In René Furterer your Nutri-Repairing Mask is the best treatment to act from within your hair. A dose of nutrients that you can combine with the Ylang Ylang Klorane Shampoo thanks to the extract of this plant Nourishes and protects the hair fiber compensating the desiccant effects of the UV.