Properties of purslane, a forgotten vegetable with many properties

It is likely that you may not have seen this food in the corridor of fruits and vegetables, because in reality it is a green plant with small, fleshy leaves that grows "crawling" on the ground. So surely you have met her in the field, even if you have not noticed. Among the properties of purslane include the medicinal, the oldest, as it was used in Chinese and Greek medicine against constipation and as a remedy against insect bites.

But once again foodies trends are willing to rescue this type of food that we thought were forgotten – or that, directly, we didn't even know – to make them new. Although this time is not for less, because this plant, which in Portugal it is especially known for being the main ingredient of the soup of purslane, it has interesting properties.

Purslane Properties

On the one hand it is rich in vitamin A, B and C, which gives it antioxidant qualities. Also in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron or zinc. And something curious that characterizes him: purslane is one of the richest plants in essential omega 3 acids, essential for the maintenance of cell membranes, the absorption of vitamins and the production of certain hormones.

Also stands out in it Melatonin, making it a plant that can help fight insomnia. That is why it can be consumed as an infusion, but also raw in salad, cooked, as an ingredient in stews or soups, or fermented.

Of course, not everyone can take purslane. Being a plant rich in oxalates (salts), It is not recommended in people with kidney problems. Nor in the diet of pregnant women, as it can stimulate the uterus. And after all these curiosities about this vegetable, you just have to try it, do you dare to ask for it in your trusted greengrocer?

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