Promote the beauty of inclusion: Victoria’s Secret’s first model with Down syndrome

Sofía fulfilled her dream of being the model with Down syndrome for one of the most recognized brands in the world. Discover her story!

Last update: 27 April, 2022

The beauty industry has been characterized throughout history by working on most occasions with women who meet certain standards. Due to this, many have come to believe that if they do not have those same characteristics they cannot be recognized as cute.

In addition, others have come to think that they will never be able to fulfill the dream of being part of that environment. This, since they have other qualities that, in general, the industry does not take into account.

Nevertheless, the big brands have created several campaigns that are intended to promote inclusion and put an end to stereotypes. As has been the case with El Secreto de Victoriawhich has a proposal for women with disabilities.

In view of this, in this article we share the story of one of them. Do not miss it!

The dream of a young woman with Down syndrome

Sofía Jirau, a young Puerto Rican woman who was born with Down syndrome, she had the dream of being able to become a model since she was a child. Therefore, she was always persistent and made it known to all the people who were part of her environment.

Because of this, Marisa Santiago, a renowned fashion designer, was interested in helping her when she learned of her desire. And she gave him the opportunity to parade on the catwalks of the fashion week that took place in New York in 2020.

In this way, from that day Sofia stated that she had been able to fulfill the great goal that she had had in mind since her first years of life. Furthermore, she became even more convinced that she had all the talent to continue on that path.

On the other hand, that opportunity allowed many people who are part of the beauty industry to begin to recognize her. So much so, that a year later she was able to parade being directed by one of the most important designers of her native country.

The moment in which she became the first model with Down syndrome for one of the most recognized brands.

El Secreto de Victoria created a campaign called love-cloud, which has the objective of taking into account all women who are part of everyday life and want to be models. Because of this, he not only hired a woman who has to get around in a wheelchair, but also Sofia was also part of her work team.

She became the first model with Down syndrome fortunate enough to represent El Secreto de Victoria, one of the most relevant brands worldwide. For this reason, through social networks she communicated to everyone that from that moment she had fulfilled his dream.

In addition, he was filled with a lot of motivation. This, because since she received that important news, became convinced that it could open the doors to many more models with Down syndrome and begin to change the stereotypes that revolve around the industry.

The last great achievement

But Sofia not only stayed there, but that crucial achievement allowed her to realize that she could make everything she had in mind come true. As a result of this situation, created his own brand.

Is named alavett and has all kinds of bags that women like to use to match their outfits. Likewise, it also has creative accessories for cell phones and even covers for bed pillows.

In addition, in this great project he has included his own campaign called Unlimited. In it, he reports relevant data on Down syndrome and tries to show all people with this condition that it is possible to meet their goals.

In this way, she is sure that this is a great contribution so that all the jobs take her case into account and open up important possibilities for people with Down syndrome.

Final reflection

A large number of people with Down syndrome have shown that they not only have excellent hearts, but also incredible abilities. Therefore, it is essential that society gives them the place they deserve and allow them to develop all those talents. In this way, innovation is given a step forward and the painful discrimination is reduced.

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