Processed foods: know the negative effects of their consumption

Eating is an essential need that serves to ensure the survival of all living beings. For the body to function properly, the intake of foods rich in essential nutrients is essential. In this way, your daily performance will be more optimal and at the same time, you will be less vulnerable to certain conditions. There are other products that are not nutritious, they are processed foods, know the negative effects of their consumption.

Processed foods What are they?

The term processed food refers to food that does not maintain its natural composition. That is, they are subjected to a property modification process through a series of industrial methods. This process not only allows to change the appearance, it also modifies its nutritional properties.

The marketing of this class of edible products has achieved enormous popularity in most parts of the world. Among the reasons for their great success is the fact that they can be eaten almost instantly. Due to the fast pace in the daily life of many people, the demand for these foods has increased considerably. This despite the fact that nutritionists assure that these are products that only generate negative effects after consumption.

Another characteristic of processed foods is that it contains certain specific components or nutrients. These elements make these foods addictive for everyone who consumes them.

On the other hand, they contain high amounts of carbohydrates and saturated fat. Its flavor is quite pleasant and intense, which makes this type of food very popular. However, consuming this kind of fast food can cause harmful effects on your health.

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Why are processed foods bad?

Processed food can have a lot of negative effects on the body. Nutritionists prefer to discard them, as processed foods are bad to health. There are many reasons why it is not recommended to consume them, some of these are the following:

Fructose and sugar levels are very high

In most cases, processed foods contain excessive amounts of sugar. Which are converted into empty calories that lack nutritional value and only serve to provide energy. The consumption of sugar is harmful to health, so this is one of the dangers of processed foods. Besides, it increases cholesterol levels unbalances and allows bad fat to accumulate.

Does not produce satiety

Fruits and vegetables are healthy foods that provide nutrients and produce satiety. This does not happen with processed foods, in fact it is the opposite. Processed products increase the craving to eat and this in turn causes people to indulge in excess food. Thus becoming a clear example of how they affect processed foods.

Fiber content is almost non-existent

Among the essential nutrients that the body requires to function properly, is fiber. One of the benefits of taking this nutrient is to facilitate intestinal activity and reduce the risk of digestive problems. Processed foods contain low amounts of fiber, which favors the appearance of problems such as constipation and flatulence.

They produce addiction

Without a doubt, this is one of the most harmful effects of processed foods. There are cases of people who have had levels of addiction very similar to drugs or alcohol. The components in this class of products stimulate the brain to such an extent that the person needs to consume a greater amount of this food.

Its refined carbohydrate content is excessive

Refined carbohydrates are the cause of various gastrointestinal disorders. Unlike complex carbohydrates, refined carbohydrates are harmful and their consumption causes many problems in the body. They are digested very quickly, causing a sudden increase in blood glucose. Once these foods are consumed, the glucose returns to its normal state, but the cravings to eat return more intense than before.

They lack nutritional value

One of the reasons why it is recommended to carry out a balanced diet is because of the high nutritional value of natural foods. These provide many benefits that improve health and protect the body from disease.

However, processed foods only contain artificial nutrients that are intended to replace those lost in the manufacturing process. Despite its intentions, the body cannot absorb these modified nutrients and this ends up causing problems.

They have high amounts of saturated fat

The appearance of processed foods may make them look delicious, but the amount of fat they contain is concerning. Consuming these fats can cause bloating in the body, causing it to age more quickly.

Your percentage of chemical additives is too high

This type of edible product contains high levels of chemical additives, such as flavorings. These are components that provide specific flavors to these foods, one of which is responsible for causing addiction. The dyes and preservatives used during the manufacture of these foods are also dangerous to health.

Very high calorie intake

Today, all people have access to these harmful foods, which is very worrying. Consuming processed foods provides up to 20% more calories than the body needs daily. In people with certain diseases this can be quite detrimental to their health.

Increase cholesterol levels

LDL cholesterol can build up in the arteries, leading to various coronary conditions caused by clogged arteries. Consuming these foods increases the levels of this type of cholesterol, which seriously affects the functioning of the body.

Diseases caused by processed foods

There are many consequences of processed foods when it comes to health. Its regular consumption increases the risk of diseases that can become fatal if not controlled.

Cardiovascular diseases

The fats contained in processed foods mainly affect cardiovascular activity. Causing the arteries to present obstruction due to the accumulation of LDL cholesterol. If this situation is not controlled in time, this may lead to severe disorders such as heart attacks.

Obesity and overweight

Obesity is just one of the diseases caused by processed foods. Currently, a large percentage of people suffer from this disorder, being the consumption of processed foods the main cause of this disease. It is a serious problem that develops in children and adults regardless of age. This problem can lead to respiratory failure, difficulty in moving, and in severe cases, death.

Early aging

Cells deteriorate faster with the consumption of processed foods, leading to early aging in young people. Fine lines and wrinkles are just some of the effects that can be noticed at first glance. If not corrected, the consequences could be increased and health could be in great danger.

Deterioration of the bacterial flora

In order for the body to function properly, it depends on several essential microorganisms. These are known as bacterial flora and it requires certain nutrients to guarantee its production. Consuming processed foods causes damage to said flora, which generates a large number of intestinal conditions.

Increase the risk of cancer

According to studies, the intake of cold cuts and processed meats increases the risk of suffering from various types of cancer. Being another reason why it is not recommended to consume this kind of food.

Affect the mood

It may seem strange, since eating a hamburger or french fries generates a lot of happiness in the people who consume them. However, this effect is only temporary and once it wears off, it can lead to depression, bad mood, hyperactivity, and even memory loss.

What are the most dangerous processed foods?

Processed foods are more harmful than beneficial, some do more harm than others. As an example, there are the following:

Burgers: Its level of salt and saturated fat is excessive, causing various conditions.

Potato chips: its caloric intake is too high, while its nutritional value is practically non-existent. Contains many preservatives and salt, cardiovascular disease and obesity are linked to this processed product.

Soda: the sugar levels in these drinks are incredibly high. In addition, they lack nutrients and contain empty calories.

Cereals with sugar: Like sodas, they contain very high amounts of sugar. This increases the risk of suffering from various diseases such as diabetes.


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