Prepare healthy popcorn, without saturated fat with this popcorn maker for only 28 euros

Last update: 04 january, 2022

When we watch a movie we always think the same thing “I’m going to make some popcorn.” And it seems that if we do not see a movie with popcorn we do not enjoy it as well. That’s why we almost always resort to buying microwave popcorn, which is likely to contain a lot of salt, butter or perhaps oil. But this does not have to be like this, We can eat popcorn in a healthy way using other things, such as this popcorn box that costs 28 euros on Amazon.

In fact, there are significant benefits to eating popcorn. Being rich in fiber, they can help reduce cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases, as revealed in a study published in British Medical Journal. They can even be an important source of polyphenols, research from the University of Scranton made clear.

Get this popcorn box for 28 euros on Amazon

This popcorn maker does not need oil or butter for the popcorn to pop as it they are made with very hot air.

It comes in quite handy since when we make popcorn, many people are used to making it in the pan. But it is not the most comfortable. First because you have to put oil in it and that is something we want to avoid and second because you end up staining the pan and the popcorn comes out flying even if you put a lid on it. That is why this popcorn box is very useful and you are sure to love it.

Get this popcorn box for 28 euros on Amazon

It is very easy to use, we can use the cap you have as a meter to know how much we need. With a full lid it will be enough (80 grams), if we add more we could make it not work well. It is better to do it in several batches. We put the popcorn in the container, place the bowl underneath and press the button. As they explode, they will fall into the bowl. In about 3 minutes you can enjoy your popcorn.

If you want to make more batches of popcorn you will have to wait 10 minutes between batches so that it does not spoil, but still also has a overheating safety system.

It is important to remember that no oil, butter, salt or sugar to be added to the container because it could be spoiled.

It’s very easy to clean, You just have to remove the lid and wipe it with a damp cloth when the popcorn maker has cooled.

If you want to enjoy popcorn without fat or oil, this popcorn maker will help you to achieve it. Its price is 28 euros on Amazon.

Get this popcorn box for 28 euros on Amazon

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