Practical person: 7 psychological characteristics

Being practical allows you to achieve many things in life. Today we show you 7 traits that define this personality trait.

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Elena Sanz on November 23, 2021.

Last update: 23 November, 2021

Although it may sound very ironic, practicality is one of the most complex terms to define. In general we can say that practicality consists of ideas or actions that conform to reality, that are effective and functional. Becoming a practical person demands making this a philosophy of life..

If there are problems when defining what practicality is, there are also when defining what a practical person is. The idea that we have given serves as a basis, on which we can collect a series of characteristics. That is why in the following lines we present you 7 traits of a practical person that define their actions and thoughts.

7 characteristics of a practical person

How many times have you been suggested to be more practical in your work, when doing an action and even in your relationships? We associate practicality with functionality; with something that, applied correctly, works to solve the problems we face. We gather 7 characteristics of a practical person that allow us to achieve the latter.

1. They are not idealists

If there is one trait that stands out in a practical person, it is that they are not idealistic. On the contrary, he has used realism or materialism as a philosophy of life. Since the postulates of idealism are above reality (subjectivity prevails over objectivity), they cannot be embraced by those who pretend to develop a practical attitude.

Whoever assumes a practical attitude develops their ideas and actions based on reality. This is your starting point, which allows your thinking and acting to be efficient, functional and accurate. Everything that does not correspond to the material world is not the object of their interest, at least not to the extent that they will use it to move through life. Experience governs your decisions.

This also translates to are able to set realistic goals. Practical people set short, medium and long term goals that they can achieve; and they avoid being seduced by illusion. They know that being overly excited about something, especially when the possibility of achieving it is very low, can only lead to frustrations.

2. They are self-confident

A practical person is usually self-confident, so all his decisions are oriented towards success.

Practical people generally have high self-esteem. It is this that has allowed them to develop the self-confidence to bet on their ideas and opinions. Self-esteem manifests itself in them in different ways. Let’s see some examples:

  • They are aware of their vices and virtues.
  • You take pride in your personal achievements.
  • They are able to motivate themselves.
  • They do not depend on the opinions of others.
  • They trust that your efforts and hard work will pay off.
  • When they don’t get what they want, they can easily bounce back from failure.
  • They are consistent with their ideas and are not immediately influenced by those of others.

He who is practical is aware of his strengths and weaknesses, and uses this knowledge to guide his life. Try to use your strengths to your advantage and work on your shortcomings so they don’t slow you down. This increases his self-esteem more so that he enhances the previous ideas.

3. They are organized

We have already said that practicality manifests itself in functionality. That is to say, that it is efficient, that it is useful, that it ensures a positive or harmonious achievement.. This is why organization is one of the traits of a functional person. They assimilate it both with their ideas and with their actions.

One of the ways this trait manifests itself is through time management. Those who are practical usually organize it very well, so that they give a proportional space to those things they want to do during their day.

Of course, this does not imply that they are strict with him. On the contrary, your organization is combined with a flexibility vote. Since they know that reality is subject to change, their schedule must be as well. Their sense of organization manifests itself in many aspects, from their finances to the way they manage their diet.

4. They are not afraid to take risks

Yes, although this may conflict with the previous trait, keep in mind that a practical person always takes reality into account. Therefore, you are not afraid to take risks when reality demands it. This does not imply that you are taking risks all the time, but that your pulse does not tremble when it comes to making a quick decision.

Of course, before doing so, they evaluate the pros and cons. So they can choose the best decision that fits what they face. This decision may even be against your ideals; but if it is the one that best fits the situation, they will not hesitate to choose it. This makes practical people good leaders or supportive in times of crisis or emergency..

5. They are simple in every way

For example, in dress, in communication or in their tastes. A practical person has made simplicity a lifestyle, in part because the simplest is often functional. By this we do not mean that they are always disheveled, that they are always silent, or that their interests are too trivial. Absolutely.

They just don’t care about spending excessive time on something that in the end they consider to be of little consequence. For example, someone practical won’t spend an hour or two in front of their closet deciding what to wear on a night out. Because they are organized, confident, not idealistic, and not afraid to take risks, they can make decisions of this kind quickly.

They are also usually simple in terms of treatment. A practical person is usually very nice and carefree. You are not dominated by your emotions, so stress and tension do not occupy much of your life. They are happy most of the time and avoid undertaking extremely complicated things.

6. They are determined

In professional aspects, the confidence that practical people inspire can be very helpful.

Even when they have to take risks in their decisions, a practical person will always have a determined attitude. This attitude makes it possible to reinforce the decision through actions designed to reinforce it. That is, they are not content with making a decision; they are in charge of doing everything possible for it to prosper through parallel decisions and actions.

This also means that they are responsible for what they say and do. They do not use excuses in case the error is the final outcome, since their determination also accompanies them in these moments. Therefore, they are open to admitting their mistake, to apologize, and to bear the consequences of their actions.

7. Set goals and follow them

Finally, a practical person is always setting goals and making decisions that allow them to be achieved. Don’t think of goals just as big projects that lead to success (which too, of course), but rather small or medium goals that keep that person from being idle.

We can mention other traits of practical people, but these summarize very well the character and actions of all of them. Often it is not something that is chosen, but it has always accompanied the personality of the individual.. Of course, you can always assume some of these characteristics so that the functional aspect is part of your life.

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