Powerball: what is it and what is it used for?

It is a useful accessory to strengthen the muscles of the wrist and arm. The powerball is easy to use and gains a place in physiotherapy.

Last update: 07 February, 2022

It is very likely to come across television or radio advertisements about the usefulness offered by the powerball. Currently, it is a commercial product available in multiple sports stores and aimed at increasing arm strength. But nevertheless, It is an accessory adaptable to different types of training related to upper extremity skills.

In addition, it is a tool increasingly recommended by physiotherapists, who apply it in rehabilitation sessions. The powerball stands out for its versatility and ease of use, being efficient in neuromuscular recovery.

What is powerball?

Powerball is the name of a small ball integrated by a high-precision gyroscope. It exercises the muscles of the arm and hand through the inertia generated by the centrifugal force.

In other words, the device works with fictitious forces that cause rotating bodies to try to move away from the axis. The impulse that is felt can only be counteracted by a similar effort, directed towards the axis of rotation.

Inside the powerball there is a solid sphere made of polycarbonate, where the rotating rotor is housed. the apparatus works with a number close to 10,000 revolutions and, depending on the model acquired, it produces forces of different intensity. They range between 11 and 22 kilograms.

Other features of the powerball is that it offers different resistance options and can include automatic ignition or by means of a cord. There are models that include speed meters and LED lights.

This instrument generates a centrifugal force that requires counteracting with an effort in the opposite direction. There’s the exercise.


The ball works by generating fictitious forces in different directions, motivating the muscles for efficient control, while rotating the sphere in a circular fashion. This exercise It has the advantage of working on muscle strength and precision in each movement.both in those that increase and in those that decrease intensity.

The action that is carried out when holding the sphere is a circular exercise of the wrist. The speed of the gyroscope can be adjusted to produce more or less resistance, adjusting the demand to the desired levels.

Main advantages of a powerball

Its size and ease of access make this element an alternative with many advantages for training and rehabilitation therapies:

  • Transport: Being a small object, similar to a tennis ball, it is very comfortable to transport. It is light and fits in the fist of the hand.
  • Cost: In general, it is an accessible product, depending on the model purchased.
  • Low risk: It does not generate impact on the elbow, shoulder, finger or wrist joints. Its vibrations are around a frequency of 250 hertz.
  • Stress: In addition to rehabilitation therapies or muscle toning, it is common to apply the gyroscope to reduce anxiety and stress levels.
  • Versatility: It is usually recommended for rehabilitation sessions, but also for home exercise or in gyms.
  • Energy: the powerball It works with its own rotating force, so it does not require batteries or electricity.

How to use the powerball in rehabilitation?

The powerball It is very useful in rehabilitation sessions, since works the entire structure formed by the wrist, arm and forearm. Each of these sectors is forced to muscle contractions that react to the forces produced by the gyroscope.

These movements are usually applied in advanced physiotherapy sessions, with the aim of improving neuromuscular control. In this phase of recovery, the aim is to increase the unconscious ability to generate neurosensory stimuli that translate into coordinated motor responses.

From a correct control tends to improve orientation, efficiency and functionality of movements. The powerball It produces the random forces that stimulate this type of complex reaction on the part of the muscles that make up the upper extremity.

In this way, progress is made in restoring the joints and their normal patterns of movement, also known as proprioception reflects. These patterns can be affected by injuries to ligaments or other structures. It is also often used to treat tendinitis.

forms of use

The powerball It is widely used in physiotherapy for people with various pathologies. Its effects on improving strength, reaction and stability are increasingly supported by clinical studies. It has a very simple way of use, in which the ball must be taken with the hand, making special force with the thumb.

Then, a somewhat abrupt movement begins that generates the activation of the gyroscope. The effort should be focused on the wrist, from which the rest of the muscles in the sector work.

This instrument can complement rehabilitation sessions or stretching of the anatomy of the hand and wrist.


The powerball It is over-the-counter and has no specific contraindications. However, in rehabilitation processes, it must be guided in its use by a physiotherapist.

In addition, there are some previous injuries that warrant consultation with a specialist, since pain symptoms can be aggravated. For example, fractures, dislocations or sprains in sectors of the arm, shoulder and wrist.

Other recommendations for use

People undergoing physiotherapy treatments are not the only ones who can use the powerball. Those who did not suffer any type of injury also choose it with the aim of working on muscle strength and endurance.

The estimated time to start exercising is 1 minute for each hand, which allows knowing the initial control and stability. More repetitions are then applied. It is important not to exceed the frequency, as it can cause fatigue.

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