Pouty lips: the popular lip makeup trend on TikTok

If you like to sport full, bold lips, you’ll love learning about the pouty lips trend. Find out what it is and how to put it into practice.

Last update: 03 May, 2022

If you like to keep up with the latest fashion and makeup trends, you should surely be aware of social networks. several weeks ago, the ‘pouty lips’ they have flooded the networks with photos of thick and striking lips. It is about showing off full lips, without the need for physical interventions, but taking advantage of the magic of makeup. We teach you how to achieve this technique on your face!

Despite being a young social network, Tik Tok has become one of the most used. According to platform data Statistical, it is estimated that by 2022 it will have 1.232 million monthly users worldwide. For this reason, it is not surprising that it has become a source of trends in fashion, style and makeup.

Through your videos, influencers, actresses and fashion experts set the season’s trends and give the public clues to achieve different styles. Also, with globalization and the ability of this social network to connect people from all over the world, you can see the trends that are being used on the other side of the planet.

In fact, the pouty lipswhich could be translated as “full lips” or “sexy lips”— is the latest in Korean makeup. However, in reality it is nothing new, since stars like Angelina Jolie or the Kardashians had already popularized it in the past. Are you interested in knowing more about it? Keep reading!

How to get some ‘pouty lips’?

To thicken the lips it is not always necessary to undergo injections or aesthetic interventions. With some makeup tricks you can achieve this look with interesting results and in a non-invasive way.

To adopt this beauty trends on your face you only need lipsticks of two different shades; one light and one darker. Also a lip gloss, brushes and basic makeup tools. As for the colors, the ideal is that they are two that are in the same range. This way, the blur will look more natural.

The pouty lips is a Korean makeup trend that has become a trend on TikTok.

Prepare the lips

Before starting to make up the lips, it is convenient that they are hydrated and free of dryness. You can exfoliate them and put some moisturizing balm on them before starting the routine.

Apply a foundation

If you have a special event or if you want the duration of the makeup to be longer, it is convenient that you apply a base or a concealer on the lips. This way, the color will look more intense once you apply the lipstick. Then, you should evenly apply the lighter lipstick you have chosen to make up your lips.

Draw an X, W and V

Although drawing letters on the lips sounds strange, it is a guy very easy to memorize to understand how to apply the darker lipstick correctly. First, you should draw a W over the cupid’s bow on the upper lips, following its natural shape.

Afterwards, you should draw a V on the lower lips, also simulating the natural shape. By last, you should make a small X in the entire middle of the upper lip.

blur the lines

After you have the outline of the letters drawn with the darker tone, you should start to blur the lines with movements from the outside to the inside.

You have to notice that the edges look darker than the interior. In fact, if necessary, you can go back to putting small touches of the lighter lipstick. The idea is to achieve the visual effect of extra volume.

apply glitter

To give a perfect finish to the lips, you should apply a little gloss or gloss over upper and lower lips. You can distribute this with the help of a lip brush.

Although you can also wear your lips with matte shades, the trend of pouty lips is aiming to show off lip gloss again.

Make up the rest of your face

Once you have achieved striking lips, you should not neglect the details of the rest of the face. It is important that you clean the excess lipstick that may have come out of the lips. You can apply a little concealer, subtly. This will better outline the shape of your mouth.

Of course, for the lips to stand out, you have to complement them by making up the entire face.

Taking care of the lips is part of the beauty routine

Lips require basic care beyond makeup to stay healthy. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, “Cold, dry weather, sun damage, and frequent lip licking are just a few of the reasons your lips may feel dry and chapped.”

In this regard, dermatologists recommend using non-irritating and moisturizing balms, which also have sun protection. This recommendation is quite important, especially for the summer season.

Also, it is advisable to drink plenty of water to maintain your hydration. You should also avoid holding metal items in your mouth or licking them excessively. Occasionally, a natural or formulated exfoliant can be applied.

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