Post-quarantine: tips to take care of your skin from contamination

The skin is the bigger organ of the body. Just as we care about the health of our heart, our brain or our lungs, so we must worry about keeping our skin healthy. For this, it is key take care of it from contamination.

Good nutrition and hydration, regular exercise, and care routines are essential for well-being and general health, and they are also essential for the skin. However, this organ is also constantly exposed to external agents that damage it.

One of those agents is pollution. We all know that it is something that affects the environment, but we do not always notice its most subtle effects, such as its negative impact on the appearance of our skin. However, this should not come as a surprise, since everything that hurts the planet, also hurts us.

In the pandemic, By staying home, we have kept our skin protected from contamination. After the involuntary rest we have given you, we must take some precautions to preserve your health.

To help you, we share information on the effects of contamination on the skin and on the ingredients you should choose to take care of yourself. Organic cosmetic products, such as those from Litta Peh, will be your allies.

Effects of contamination on the skin

Appearance of wrinkles: external agents such as the sun or the wind, and also contamination, can cause cell oxidation and increased production of free radicals. Consequently, the epidermis loses firmness and wrinkles appear.

Lack of light: Another negative effect of pollution is that it reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches our skin, making it look rough and somewhat dull.

Appearance of spots: These marks appear as a consequence of altering the skin barrier, another effect of exposing our skin to pollution.

Appearance of black dots: Pollution makes the skin dirty, and that dirt can accumulate in our pores. When this happens, the famous black dots appear.

Increased sensitivity: no type of skin is saved from the effects of pollution, but the most sensitive and reactive are the ones that suffer the most. This is because exposure to this external agent exacerbates its sensitivity.

Dehydration: Another negative effect of contamination is causing dryness, something that also makes the epidermis look dull.

What to use to care for contamination skin

To avoid suffering all these negative effects, it is best to look for natural and organic products that take care of your skin and keep it toxic free. In addition, they are responsible with the environment. One of the brands that market this type of product is Litta Peh.

Against dehydration, you must choose highly nutritious ingredients. It is also important that you search antioxidants, since these act against skin oxidation. Also, you will need products that are soothing, to treat possible irritations, and regenerators, to protect the skin barrier.

The avocado meets many of these characteristics, as it has a enormous nutritional power and a high content of fatty acids and vitamins. You can find it in the Youth Cream by Litta Peh, a hydrating product with hyaluronic acid and with an anti-aging and regenerating formula.

Another ingredient that meets many of the requirements to take care of skin from contamination is edelweisswhich has has a high antioxidant power due to its content of leontopodic and chlorogenic acid. It is also present in the Youth Cream by Litta Peh, and in its The Serum repair serum.

The grapeseed it is also very good for protect the dermis. It is a source of vitamin E, a antioxidant which decreases oxidative stress and plays a role protective against external aggressions. It is one of the ingredients that Litta Peh includes in your Youth Cream Beauty anti-aging moisturizer, in its moisturizer for combination and oily skin Pure Beauty Cream, and in its colored moisturizer BBeauty Cream.

There is another star ingredient to take care of pollution skin and is the jojoba, that contribute elasticity, softness and firmness. At the same time, it increases luminosity and is a powerful antioxidant. You can find it in the eye contour Litta Peh's Eye Contour, in its moisturizer Pure Beauty Cream, in The Serum and in the colored moisturizer BBeauty Cream.

Do you already know what you will choose to take care of yourself in the return to normal life?