Post-holiday syndrome: how does it affect skin health?

The best way to avoid post-holiday skin syndrome is by preventing its appearance. That is, taking care of the skin during the holidays. If it is not achieved, there are also adequate measures to counteract it.

Last update: 08 May, 2022

Post-holiday skin syndrome it is a condition in which there are a series of negative effects on the skin after the summer. The sun, as well as a reduction in routine care during the holidays, cause some degree of deterioration in the skin.

The usual thing is that the vacation stage in summer brings with it several changes in lifestyle. In addition to more sunbathing, there are also often carelessness in eating and drinking, frequent use of swimming pools and other factors. All this gives rise to post-vacation syndrome in the skin.

Post-vacation syndrome is sometimes referred to in general to refer to the emotional state of resistance during the return to work after vacation. Nevertheless, the skin has also suffered during this period and may require special care.

What is post-holiday skin syndrome?

After the holidays, you may notice that your skin does not look as usual: it is the post-holiday syndrome.

Post-holiday syndrome in the skin is a state of deterioration that occurs after the summer holidays. During this stage, there is greater exposure to the sun, more frequent visits to the beach and swimming pools, more friction with the sand and less care in sleeping and eating.

All this together causes a series of effects on the skin. The usual thing is that the skin looks more resentful than at other times of the year. In general, it looks more dry, dull, rough and, often, with spots or acne.

One of the aspects that most influences this is the lack of preventive measures during the summer. It is not uncommon for people to come home late and forget to remove their makeup. Or that they don’t apply sunscreen as often as they should. Or, perhaps, that the damage caused by chlorine is not reduced with adequate measures.

How does it affect skin health?

It is a fact that the post-holiday syndrome affects the health of the skin. The most noticeable effect is usually dryness or lack of hydration in the skin. Extreme temperatures, UV rays, wind, and frequent contact with water or chlorine are responsible for this.

Even just bathing more often causes skin to lose moisture. Post-holiday syndrome affects all skin types. This has various manifestations, such as the following:

  • Less softness and elasticity in the skin.
  • Dull skin, without luminosity.
  • Tight and rough skin, sometimes flaking.
  • wrinkles and more visible expression lines.
  • Overpigmentation or dark spots on the skin.
  • Acne.

In addition, In the post-holiday syndrome there is invisible damage. They correspond to negative processes that take place at the intra and extracellular level. It increases oxidative stress, inflammation, and mitochondrial and cellular toxicity. This is caused by UVA and infrared radiation and visible light.

Repairing treatments

The best way to counteract the effects caused by post-holiday syndrome is resume beauty routines as soon as possible, as well as healthy habits. Skin care, together with a proper diet and adequate rest, help the skin to recover its elasticity and luminosity. In general, the recommended actions are as follows.


Ideally, do a slightly deeper cleaning, every day. However, it is important not to overdo it: three minutes is enough. It is best to use products such as the following:

  • hygroscopic action. They help retain moisture longer. These substances include glycerin, sorbitol and propylene glycol.
  • occlusives. They prevent the evaporation of water. They include petroleum jelly, lanolin, squalene, beeswax, etc.
  • chemical interaction. They also favor water retention. They are, among others, urea and alpha hydroxy acids, especially lactic acid.


Exfoliation is a complement to cleansing and one of the most effective measures to overcome post-holiday syndrome. It should be done at least once a week. The most advisable thing is that natural and soft products are used, so that no additional aggression is caused to the skin.


One of the best measures to take after the holidays is to deeply hydrate the skin.

Post-holiday syndrome requires more intense hydration than at other times of the year. It is essential to apply a light moisturizer every day and, after this, a layer of sunscreen in the morning. Neither one nor the other should be omitted. An eye contour cream should not be forgotten either.

The best moisturizers for the day are oil-in-water emulsions. For the night, it is indicated to use a product that contains mineral oils, Vaseline, lanolin alcohol and water. There are many items that come with the label “nourishing cream” that contain these elements.

Beat post-holiday skin syndrome

Although the indicated measures are usually sufficient to reverse the post-holiday syndrome, sometimes something more is required. Especially if there are spots or acne, or if skin aging is perceived to be very severe.

In all those cases, It is best to consult with the dermatologist to point out the best options available. It is possible that a special aesthetic treatment is required and it is the doctor who can best guide you in this regard.

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