Positive stress: what it is and how to get the most out of it

It is true that stress has a bad reputation, and although it is considered unpleasant, the truth is that it always accompanies the people in your life. If at any time you have thought about the possibilities of facing challenges with minimal activation levels, you should think about eustress. We tell you what is the positive stress and how to make the most of it for better benefits.

What is stress?

Stress is known to all those feelings of threat or tension. Which are caused by certain factors that require a greater demand, which is thought to be able to cope. These factors are called stressors, and they cover different events in people's daily lives. Feelings of stress occur either due to changes in life, tensions, frustrations, pressures, among many other causes.

However, stress is not only caused when it comes to situations that are negative. The presence of positive changes in life, such as celebrations, are factors that generate stress, this case being considered positive stress.

Could stress be beneficial?

When you feel stress, a variety of physical symptoms occur. It generates the presence of headaches, frequent fatigue, some discomfort in the chest area and could even cause nightmares.

Other symptoms that occur in the presence of stress are those that affect the psychological state. These symptoms include nervous tics, anxiety, phobias, irritability, concentration problems, and many feelings of failure. In addition to this, when the case of stress is very severe, hair loss, acne, depression, irregular menstruation, etc. occur.

Some of the effects that are caused by stress are capable of causing illness, and all due to high somatization. Since it can cause problems such as asthma, colitis, ulcers and other gastrointestinal problems.

Manage stress correctly

Due to the negative effects that stress often generates, certain tips should be followed to try to manage the inconveniences, such as:

– Relaxing activities.

– Exercise.

– Take a break between daily tasks.

– Practice a hobby.

– Have conversations with trusted people.

– Listen to good music.

– Have positive attitudes.

– Set priorities.

Coping with stress is truly a difficult task. But you have to keep in mind that the amount of benefits that are obtained, when stress is managed correctly. Apart from this, as already mentioned, stress is not always a negative thing. In many cases, take advantage of positive stress it is of great help to people. Everything will depend on the way it is faced.

Facing stress the wrong way could lead to very negative consequences, such as the above symptoms and various disorders. Although if you handle it in the most appropriate way and have an attitude that is objective, this stress would turn into something positive.

What is positive stress all about?

Also called eustress, it is that type of stress that offers stimulation to be able to face problems. Thus, allowing people to be more creative, make better decisions and respond efficiently to situations that need it.

Experiencing positive stress allows people to be more attentive and full of energy, which favors the activities that are carried out on a day-to-day basis. It significantly benefits health, because when stress is properly channeled, you do not feel the pressure that causes you to feel overwhelmed by negative things. Completely different from feeling like a failure and powerless, eustress makes people feel full of life.

Following this, if at any time a person is victorious in a project that he was carrying out, the eustress generates feelings of satisfaction for said experience.

Benefits of positive stress

Now that you know what positive stress is, here are some of the benefits of eustress.

Coping and motivation

One of the main benefits of making the most of eustress is the fact that it provides an increase in the ability to cope. It means that thanks to this psychological effect, people are more likely to feel empowered. Allowing them the opportunity to face all kinds of challenges. Some examples are the problems of everyday life, situations that exceed resources at certain times, among others.

Having an enhancement in skills like this not only allows you to face obstacles, but it also works as a motivator. Feeling supported is a great help for any of the phases throughout life.

Creativity, proactivity and productivity

Among the areas that benefit the most from positive stress is the workplace. Something like this is due to the usefulness of positive stress, it allows us to address any kind of change in a positive way.

That is why mention is made of the benefits of eustress. Since some of the skills that are enhanced are productivity, creativity and also proactivity. Each of these features offers better orientation and greater ability to expand views. Which in negative situations could be leaving aside.

Control activity

Feeling eustress could occur in risky situations that are controlled. Examples of these situations could be parachuting, running confinements, among other things. At some point you have heard of someone who has experienced stimulation by having performed any of these activities.

These people probably comment that before carrying out one of these activities, they had a feeling very similar to anxiety. Which is accompanied by certain symptoms that are characteristic of it, as in the case of palpitations or tremors. As this activity is carried out, anxiety decreases.

Taking the example of the parachute, you can think of the moment when you will have to jump out of the plane using the parachute. The symptoms of anxiety occur in a high way at that precise moment. However, they will decrease once you jump off the plane and as you descend towards the ground.

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Emotional stability and security

Another advantage of taking advantage of positive stress lies in the improvement of what is known as internal locus of control. It means that it improves safety in actions that have effects on life, and it is the same people who control it. Thus the feelings of being helpless and vulnerable are significantly reduced.

At the same time, experiencing positive stress improves perceptions of control in those situations that help to ensure emotional stability. Since stress is not something that lasts, it is an effect that is activated at specific times.

Vitality and energy

Feeling eustress activates the moment you step out of your comfort zone. In other words, it refers to the place where people feel protected and safe. However, when faced with new challenges, this kind of stress benefits the impulses that allow you to react in a positive way. Keeping people alert and speeding up reflexes.

Therefore, it provides a lot of vitality and energy. With this, it is very possible that the desire to want to do physical activities increases, since this allows channeling the vital force. Similarly, eustress is linked to the production of dopamine, associated at the same time with happiness.

Low levels of stress are not helpful

It should be noted that low levels of stress are not beneficial. Obviously stress is adaptive, and not experiencing it at certain times generates stagnation. Most likely, the lack of activation or levels of alertness, greatly diminish creativity. Something that could make some people more prone to boredom, which over time ends up having very negative effects.

Now that the benefits of positive stress are known in more detail, it may be a good idea to take a number of steps to activate it. Taking deep and mindful breaths, sports activities, or dealing with negative thoughts are just a few ideas. And besides, the results of having a positive attitude could be very surprising.


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