Political quarrel in Andalusia for the listeriosis outbreak that expands with new cases

The outbreak already extends to a good part of the national territory. It is not ruled out that it may appear in more autonomous communities. There is already a deceased and patients who continue in the ICU. “We are analyzing all the data with the identification of the contaminated element ”, underlines El Confidencial José Miguel Cisneros, technical spokesperson appointed by the Ministry of Health and Families, and director of the Clinical Unit of Infectious Diseases, Microbiology and Preventive Medicine of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital.

Cisneros's explanations intersect with a great political anger and a cross of accusations before alleged lack of competition of the different administrations. The City of Seville, as published by 'ABC', was wrong and thought that the outbreak was located in Malaga … and was in Seville.

The spokesman of the Government of the Board, Elías BendodoHe made it very clear that the mistake was of the Spanish municipal government. Was that time to discover where the key outbreak was so that it could have been stopped before? Cisneros does not see it "essential." "What concerns us now is to close the outbreak when before."

Succession of errors

"On the 15th the health alert arose and on the 5th the town hall detected the outbreak, but those 10 days of delay are part of the time it takes to identify the origin of the contaminated element." The Board erred in the labeling of shredded meat that causes the City of Seville to be wrong, according to the report of the Ministry of Health.

The problem is that the outbreak does not stop accumulating cases. Apart from Andalusia, meat was distributed in the Community of Madrid and in Extremadura, but not only in these places. In Tenerife and in Segovia, they have been affected. It is not ruled out that due to the tourist dates new cases could arise in more areas, even outside the Peninsula, given the mobility of these holiday dates.

"Why are they saying now that if you have not consumed the meat and you have symptoms, nothing happens when there may be cross contamination?"

"Why are they saying now that if you have not consumed the meat and you have symptoms, nothing happens when there may be cross contamination?" Asks Rubén Sánchez, spokesman for Facua, the organization that denounced the outbreak. For Jesús Sánchez Martos, former Minister of Education of the Community of Madrid and Professor of Health Education of the Complutense University, the statements of the technical spokesman trying to prevent the alarm from becoming panic are not "not at all appropriate, because you can not ignore cross contamination" "All these inconsistencies and poor information would be avoided if public health were centralized in the Ministry of Health," adds Sánchez Martos in his Twitter account.

Sanchez launches another question: “Why did they say on Friday that they had only been sold [shredded meat] in Seville and surroundings when at the end It has been sold in many more sites and have they recognized it on Monday? ” Last Friday, the Ministry of Health of the Junta de Andalucía said that all the product of the affected meat was already removed when it was not true: that same morning, several hypermarkets in Seville had been ordered to stop selling it.