Plants and flowers that will cheer you up when you come back to the office (and the rest of the season)

With the arrival of September, most of us went back to work. However, many take advantage of this month to pay tribute and continue on vacation for at least a few more weeks. If you have not returned to the office yet and you have little left to do so, you can make this return to the routine more bearable. Our recommendation? Adapt your workspace with indoor plants. Plants have relaxing properties, they help to give a wild touch to spaces, and they also decorate. According to a study by American researcher Nancy Etcoff, from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, people were more likely to feel happy and have more enthusiasm and energy, both at home and at work, when they had flowers around them . "When we put a bouquet of flowers in people's morning routines, they were encouraged," he explains in the study. But which ones to choose? So that you can get the indoor plants right in your office, we show you some of our favorites.


These plants have a wide variety of colors. The orange and red tones will help you feel full of energy and more cheerful. These colors also convey well-being and are reminiscent of summer tones. A tip: to make them last longer, in addition to cutting the stem a little daily, we can add a little alcohol to the water, this will make the stem remain straighter for several days.


Of the chrysanthemum family, daisies are one of the flowers with the most varieties in a multitude of sizes, shapes and colors. Daisies are available in many colors, and due to their purifying power, they are ideal for breathing cleaner air and feeling comfortable in the office.


It is one of the most traditional flowers in our country, and perhaps also a great unknown. If you like them, try placing a bouquet of colored carnations at home and you will see how the environment changes. Now we can also find a multitude of new and very impressive colors, such as copper, violet, vanilla, orange, etc.


Do you want to cheer up? Or cheer someone up? Well, the best is a bouquet of yellow roses. It is the most gifted flower in the world. The yellow hue symbolizes joy and happiness.


Its leaves look like hearts. They can be red, green and also white, a color that encourages creativity and good work. A very durable plant that brings life to any home.

Aloe vera

It is a plant that transmits positive energy to any home. In addition, it purifies the air and helps us to have a calmer energy in the work area.

Cala or Zantedeschia

La Cala is a plant of South African origin that we can find throughout the year in a multitude of sizes and colors. It is a resistant plant, with stems with metallic reflections that especially decorate neutral and modern environments. Its leaves are very original, large and arrow-shaped in bright green tones.

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