Pimples on the arms due to gluten: how to identify them

If you suffer from gluten intolerance it is likely that at some time you have pimples on the arms, looking very similar to "goose bumps." This symptom is known as keratosis pilaris and is produced by an excess of keratin that appears on the back of the arms due to a lack of fatty acids and vitamin A. Do you know how to identify and eliminate them? Find out in this article.

It is important to know that it is not a deficiency due to poor nutrition, but due to the same intolerance to gluten due to the fact that the intestine is progressively damaged and it is prevented from absorbing fat.

How to know if the pimples on the arms are due to gluten?

In order to be sure if the pimples on the arms are due to gluten, other symptoms should be checked. For example, women may feel muscle tired. But these factors can also be present:

  • Pain or swelling in the joints.
  • Depression, anxiety, or mood swings.
  • Digestive complaints such as gas, heartburn, bloating, etc.
  • Migraine.
  • Hormonal irregularities.
  • Fatigue or exhaustion, especially after eating a food with gluten.


The keratosis piliaris is a problem that many suffer from and that it is not given the necessary attention. This is a follicular genetic condition that usually manifests itself as red bumps or rough bumps on the arms, chest, and legs.

The pimples on the arms not only can they appear in adults, it is also possible that they occur In the kids. They are an allergic reaction due to gluten intolerance, which is why it appears as grains in different parts of the body.

Complications of pimples on the arms from gluten

The main risk of gluten intolerance is that by ingesting the component, the lining of the intestine is damaged and weakened, thus reducing the absorption of minerals and vitamins. So it is recommended to avoid foods such as wheat, barley, rye, white flour, pasta, breads, cakes, cereals, beers, etc.

The advisable thing in case of having pimples in the arms for a long time, is that you go to a medical professional to rule out an intolerance to gluten or allergy.

Gluten skin allergy: treatment

Whether you have one or more symptoms, you should know which foods have gluten and eliminate it from your diet. This is extremely important if you want to avoid the consequences of gluten intolerance.

How to remove pimples from arms

In addition to eliminating gluten foods from the diet, it is recommended to go to a dermatologist so that you can get the real reason for the pimples. In this way, rule out any other cause, such as poorly performed hair removal or excessive sun exposure.

However, many specialists agree that as these are full of fat, pimples can be eliminated with natural remedies that attack it.

If you are looking for how to distinguish some pimples due to gluten from other causes, you have probably already seen photos with this skin allergy. But the best recommendation is that you go to a medical consultation to determine the cause.


Currently there are some disorders that are going to be related to different degrees of gluten sensitivity that are not celiac disease. For these cases, gluten intolerance will not have an autoimmune basis, but will be related to other unknown factors.

It is important to note that this disorder is difficult to diagnose, because the symptoms can appear gradually and will be confused with other health problems. This is why it is so important to know the symptoms of gluten intolerance.

How do I know if I am gluten intolerant?

Throughout this article we have talked about the most common symptoms. If you suffer from several of them, the ideal is that you go to a doctor to do the relevant tests. However, totally reliable results are not always achieved, and in some cases it is possible that it will be negative despite having a certain degree of sensitivity to gluten.

Another way to find out is to do without gluten foods for at least a month to see what happens. This must be strict, because the body requires time to eliminate all the toxins that undigested gluten causes in the body. To comply with this, you must be aware of what the labeling of each product to consume says. If you eat outside the home, you should always ask if the food has flour, in order to avoid it if so.

After the month, gluten can be reintroduced into the diet and pay attention to possible symptoms. In case of being considered celiac, it is good that you consult a doctor so that he can give you his professional opinion on the matter.

Do you think the grains on your arms are not caused by gluten? In Bioguía we have another article where we talk about this topic in depth. Enter our blog and find out why these pimples come out and what you can do.