Pillow, air humidifier, probiotics…: five home remedies that work against allergies

Whether you suffer from seasonal or long-term allergies, the truth is that you will know how uncomfortable and exasperating they are. And spring allergies are just around the corner. The strategy to combat allergies is clear: detect its symptoms and remedy not only with medication, but also start with the simplest, which is introducing beneficial habits at home. For example:

Use an air humidifier

Humidifiers can improve indoor air quality by trap allergens and pollutants before they enter your home. A 2018 study found improved indoor air quality after installing a humidifier equipped with a high-efficiency particulate air filter. People with dust mite allergies also noted a improvement in symptomswhich suggested that the air filter improved quality of life.

Take care of your pillow and sheets

Try using pillow and mattress covers allergen proof to avoid exposure to dust mites. A good routine cleaning that involves washing the sheets and vacuuming weekly can also reduce exposure to allergens. Be sure to wash bedding with Hot water to remove all allergens. Vacuuming the mattress while you wash the bedding can also help reduce dust mites. and if you have petsleave them outside their bedroom.

close your windows

Keeping windows closed can help reduce the amount of environmental allergens in your home, and more especially on days with a high pollen count. The only part of your house where you should open the windows very regularly is in the bath. Open the windows or turn on the ventilation of the bathroom after showers to help remove moisture and prevent mold from growing.

take probiotics

Well yes: diet will also help you relieve allergy symptoms. The researchers believe there may be a association between gut bacteria and allergies, including seasonal allergies. Studies show how probiotics help improve seasonal allergy symptoms. The kefir it is a magnificent probiotic, for example.

Use a saline solution and essential oils

It has recently been discovered that the nasal spray of saline solution is an effective way to control the symptoms of dust mite allergies. Essential oils can also be used to support conventional treatment. Thus, the lavender oilstea tree and eucalyptus are anti-inflammatory and can relieve congestion and itchy or swollen eyes.

Practice good hygiene

Shower after being outside It can help remove allergens from your body. You should also wash your clothes if you have spent time surrounded by trees and leaves. This can help prevent the entry of mold spores and pollen at home. Water is a good remedy against allergies.