Piercing in the navel and pregnancy: what I should know

You have become pregnant and between so much emotion you remember your piercing in the belly button. The inevitable question comes to mind: can I wear it during pregnancy? The answer will depend on the decision you make once you know the care to be taken.

The piercing By itself it does not pose a risk to your baby's health or yours. However, as the abdomen begins to grow and the skin stretches, it can cause considerable discomfort. On the other hand, it can cause a break in the place where the skin is torn by tension. If this happens and it becomes an injury, you will have to have all the necessary care so that it does not become infected.

Faced with the possibility of taking these risks, there are those who prefer to withdraw it momentarily. Nine months go by quickly and then you can put it back in without a problem. In addition, you will be in such an extraordinary period of life that the occupations will focus on the changes you experience.

Is it dangerous to wear a navel piercing during pregnancy?

It is not as long as you maintain proper hygiene and are vigilant in case there are changes in the area. As which? That it swells, changes color, oozes or begins to generate local pain.

When one of these signs appears it is indicative that there may be an infection. Or that the body is rejecting it because of the distention, as the doctors explain in the article “Piercing: Harmless fashion?

All skins are different. Some are more sensitive than others and surely some pregnant women will be able to wear it throughout their pregnancy without setbacks, while others will not.

Stretching the skin of the abdomen during pregnancy requires your own care. If there is a piercing there, with more reason.

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Are there any risks to the baby?

If he piercing I already had time with you and the wound was healthy, the baby's health is not compromised. Specialists point out as adequate have done it at least four weeks before pregnancy.

On the other hand, if the piercing is done during pregnancy, the risks for the baby appear before the possibility of contracting a disease. If an infection occurs in the area that you do not treat in time, both are exposed to some difficulty.

That is why doctors and midwives prefer that you avoid doing it and postpone it until after delivery. Among other things, because the sensitivity of the skin varies greatly in pregnant women and the healing processes can slow down.

Can I get a piercing during pregnancy?

Although the risks of infection are decreasing, some doctors advise against it, as they consider that there is evidence that it is not an innocuous practice. Indeed, infectious or traumatic complications can occur.

Most of the time, because of poor hygiene at the time of piercing or because of the aftercare that must be taken.

It also does not seem like a good option if you are a candidate to have a Caesarean section, since it will still be necessary to remove it before surgery. So, waiting a bit seems to be the most convenient.

How to take care of yourself?

There are some tips you can follow to take care of your piercing that you already have during the pregnancy stage. As you will see, the main thing is hygiene. Here are recommendations:

  • Ensures proper hygiene in the piercing area and in the eye to avoid infections.
  • Wear loose clothing so that it does not cause rubbing at the navel level, thus avoiding an irritation injury.
  • Replace with a special one for pregnant women that adapts to the growth of the belly. They are made with safe materials, without dangerous chemicals.
  • When stretch marks appear in the navel area, it is very likely that you will have to remove it to prevent it from becoming a deep and unsightly scar. It can occur at the end of the second trimester.
  • If you feel like it's stuck to your skin or you're trying too hard to clean it, it is advisable to seek professional help to remove it.
  • Wash the navel and the hole with soap and water if you decided to remove it; then let it air dry. You can also ask your doctor if he recommends that you cover it with an adhesive strip.
  • Take a pregnancy check with a professional and be yourself attentive to the evolution of the skin in the area of piercing.

Infections are a possible complication of piercings, so you must be attentive to skin changes in the area.

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Final recommendations if you decide to wear a navel piercing during pregnancy

In case you are pregnant and have a piercingRemember that the most important thing is that you follow up and be very attentive to any changes. If any of the ones we already indicated occurs, consult your doctor as soon as possible in case they recommend temporary removal.

And if you are one of the pregnant women who does not want to postpone the placement of the piercing that you had planned, be sure to go to a qualified professional. You will need to be honest about the potential complications for you to evaluate the decision.

Remember that a bad procedure puts your health and the baby's health at risk if sterilization conditions are not adequate. This, considering that according to studies, one of the diseases with which you can be contaminated in case of malpractice is hepatitis B. Take care of your health and that of the baby, especially at this time when the immune system is vulnerable.

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