Pierce the baby’s ears: when to do it?

Earrings are a symbol of femininity, which is why some girls usually wear them since they were little. Find out what the ideal conditions are so that opening holes in the ears of babies does not represent risks.

Last update: 09 April, 2022

There is no right or wrong opinion about the right time to pierce the baby’s ears. The decision varies depending on factors such as culture or family tradition. Sometimes, parents prefer to wait for the girl to grow up and decide if she really wants to wear earrings.

These accessories are considered signs of femininity and coquetry. However, piercing the lobes of a newborn causes fear in some parents, although in many clinics they tend to do it.

Although there are those who choose to wear earrings from the first days of life, taking advantage of the fact that the thinness of the skin mitigates the pain, others maintain reservations precisely because of how fragile the dermis of a newborn is.

When to pierce the baby’s ears?

Cultures such as the Hindu support ear piercing at an early age, understanding it as an event worthy of ceremonies. But a post from Johns Hopkins Medicine recommends delaying drilling until the girl is mature enough to care for them on her own.

It is also advisable to wait at least for the baby to have the first vaccines, preventing the possibility of infections. Based on this aspect, from 3 months could be considered an acceptable time.

Even so, it is not unreasonable that the use of earrings begins a few days after birth, since it only requires the approval of the parents and the labor of a professional attached to the hygienic standards that the procedure warrants.

Risks when piercing the baby’s ears

In any case, when opening holes in babies’ ears, keep in mind that you run the following risks.

Babies’ skin is different from that of adults. This is something to consider when drilling.

Allergic reactions

Remember that jewelry is something unknown to the child’s skin. Contact with a certain type of metal could cause an allergy.

One of the most common adverse reactions is generated by nickel, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. The symptoms show redness, swelling, itching and scales.


If you choose to pierce the lobes after a few hours or days after birth, the danger of contracting tetanus is greater. The girl has not yet received the vaccine against this disease, which is completed in 3 doses:

  • At 2 months.
  • At 4 months.
  • At 11 months.

As for signs of a less serious infection, consider a bad odor at the hole, pus, and inflammation.

Bleeding and rupture

The delicacy of the skin exposes it to the risk of rupture or tearing of the lobe. Also, bleeding would occur. If the work is done by an expert and parents or caregivers comply with care that hastens healing, you avoid this scenario.


The girl could remove the mismatched earrings and swallow or choke. Also, hanging accessories are not suitable models for babies, since they are hooked to clothing. If the girl pulls on them, there is a danger of a scratch or injury.

ways to pierce baby ears

Apart from hospitals, pharmacies are recommended places to pierce earlobes. In both locations they tend to use 2 methods:

  • Gun: a quick trigger pierces the ear and at once puts on the earrings. In general, they are hypoallergenic tendrils, ideal for first placement and that you should leave for 1 month until the hole heals.
  • Needle: the instrument says it all. The nurses pierce the earlobe and then place the earring.

It’s okay to wear hypoallergenic accessories, but for first piercings, 14-karat gold or surgical steel earrings are best. Otherwise, the risk of adverse reactions increases.

As for the pain, since it is not very thick skin, it is not intense. So no anesthesia is used. If the girl cries it will be for a few minutes and perhaps she will do it more because of the fright caused by the sound of the machine.

Earrings have a lot of cultural weight, which is why it is common for families to worry about the precise moment to put them on.

Care after piercing your ears

Hygiene is essential to prevent complications in lobe piercings. Being a wound, if possible do not bother it. Do not remove or put the earrings until complete healing is evident.

At most, gently rotate the earring a couple of times a day. With an antiseptic prescribed by the pediatrician, wash the hole daily and let it dry on its own, without removing the tendril.

What happens if I change earrings?

You can try other earrings on your girl, but wait 6 weeks before doing it. It is estimated that in this time the wound heals and, when you remove them, there will be no bleeding or pain. If the lobe becomes red and tender, don’t hesitate to see a doctor, highlights the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The selection of jewelery is always based on the safety of the baby: nothing allergenic, less large and not dangling either. Look for small earrings that do not hurt the skin.

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