Phytomedicine: healing through plants

If you are looking for therapies that have an integral and holistic view of the human being, you should know phytomedicine. It is an alternative that serves the body, mind and emotions together when it comes to healing.

"Phytomedicine is a practice that brings together the ancestral knowledge of phytotherapy, the uses of medicinal plants, and the scientific knowledge that justify those uses”, Explains Florencia Fasanella, an integrative pharmacist specializing in medicinal plants.

“The conventional health system treats us as if we were just a physical body, I think the problem lies there. If I feel fear and anger, even if I am prescribed a medication to calm heartburn, heartburn will return. If, on the other hand, I contact the fear or anger that I feel in order to heal, the acidity begins to go away without the need to take a medication, ”he says.

Emotions and thoughts generate impacts on the physical body. Therefore, in the search for healing through phytomedicine, it is necessary to recognize the whole being as a unit, understand that health is much more than the fact that nothing hurts and look at the symptoms as teachers that provide the possibility of going inside and healing the soul.

“Our beliefs generate thoughts, thoughts stimulate certain emotions that, when we do not express or deny them, pass to the physical body. Medicinal plants not only work on the physical body, but also on emotions and thoughts, that is why they are so complete, because they help us to work deeply on the imbalance we experience”, Explains Fasanella.


In medicinal plants there is the possibility of connecting with the power of nature and the earth. Taking care of yourself naturally helps create a healthy path to live in harmony and fullness, without the side effects of industrial drugs.

The taking of medicinal plants is recommended for multiple symptoms and pathologies. The Fasanella specialist recommends, for all those people who are curious about the world of medicinal plants, to try ingest one cup per day of some infusion, for 10 days. His proposal aims to experience the beneficial effects of medicinal plants on each and not be limited to theoretical knowledge.

There are many medicinal plants and each of them can have a different impact on each organism. "It is best to try in small quantities, one cup a day and then increase," adds Fasanella. Some that you can find in health food stores are: lavender, plantain, chamomile, horsetail, lemon balm.

The information available on medicinal plants in books and on the Internet is a lot. Therefore, making a consultation with a specialist is always a good option when immersing yourself in the world of natural medicine.

Do you already use medicinal plants? Tell us your experience.