Physical activities you can do with your dog

Exercising is as healthy for people as it is for pets. Your dog can accompany you in many physical activities.

However, you will not always be able to take it with you to play sports. This is something that you have to take into account when organizing your workouts, because if he cannot accompany you, you will have to bear in mind that he also needs to exercise.

However, there are a number of issues that you have to take into account before engaging in physical activities with your dog. Here we discuss them. Do not miss it!

Aspects to consider

The first question that you should take into account before going with your dog to play sports is your pet's age and health conditions. They, like humans, are affected by the passage of time. If you have doubts on this point, consult your vet.

Another important issue to consider before taking your dog to play sports is the weather. Cold or rain may not be a problem for people when training, but your pet is exposed to the elements. In addition, you have to take into account the heat, both from direct sun and from dehydration.

It is important that you consider the breed of the dog. Some need more activity than others. Even due to their genetics, there are groups that may find it difficult to move in certain circumstances or show effort much earlier.

With very rare exceptions, you must carry the dog on a leash. This conditions quite a lot the performance of physical activities and is something that must be considered to prevent accidents.

Dogs are of different breeds and their limitations must be considered when planning exercises with them.

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Physical activities to share with your dog

There are many physical activities that you can do with your dog and that will be very beneficial for both of you. Here are the most interesting ones.

To run

If you like to run and you have a dog, it is very likely that you can go out to train with him. Of course, keep in mind that you will have to choose where you go. For example, by city it is sure that it will not be a good idea, since you have to share the street with other people.

If you want to go running with your dog, it is best to go on roads and trails where there are no major obstacles to avoid accidents. Especially if you have to carry your pet on a leash for safety reasons.


Walking is excellent exercise for both people and dogs. However, keep in mind that pets want to investigate and sniff out everything they find. So, if you are going to walk through a place full of stimuli, you will have to arm yourself with patience.

The advantage is that you can walk almost anywhere with your dog, so this exercise is easy to do. Also, since everyone needs to go out for a walk at least once a day, having it is the perfect excuse for their owners to do it too.

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Up and down stairs

Walking up and down stairs is a good cardiovascular exercise that dogs can do too. If you don't have a better option for aerobic exercise, this is a viable solution for both, especially in apartment buildings.

One of the advantages of going up and down stairs is that you can regulate the intensity of the exercise, both with speed (more or less fast) and with impact (running or walking).

Ride a bike

If you like to ride a bike, you can consider going out with your dog next to you. However, this can be dangerous, as the animal may jerk or cross over.

That is why it is advisable to train the dynamics of the walk first. In any case, it will almost always be a quiet lap and you will not be able to accelerate.


We are not talking about putting the dog in the pool, but about go with him to a river or lake. However, not all races can swim. Some just don't like water. However, you can try wearing a dog life jacket.

Dog circuits

Another option for joint exercise is prepare a circuit specifically designed for dogs and accompany him. This type of physical activity is great for training him and allows you to exercise too.

Going for a walk with the dog is more possible than running or biking, so consider it the first option.

Doga (yoga with dogs)

The doga It is a very curious recent discipline; consists of doing yoga with your dog. But it is not about having the animal with you while you do it, but about practicing with it. This discipline also seeks to strengthen the bond with the pet.

Physical activities with a dog should be scheduled

In the same way that you have to take precautions when you exercise, the risks to the dog must also be considered. Heat, cold, dehydration or obstacles are issues that you should take into account to prevent problems.

Also, keep an eye on the pet's health, physical condition and age. Consult with a veterinarian to see if the animal is fit to accompany you.