Pets reduce stress: new scientific research confirms it

Scientists assert that pets reduce stress. It is the result of new scientific research. This work confirms what many people already know: that animals can brighten life.

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Research conducted by Washington State University

Who were the test subjects? Nothing more, and nothing less, than their own students of that academy. Volunteer students were chosen, who were assigned in various groups:

-A first group lived 10 minutes with cats and dogs, these animals being trained for therapy.

-A second group observed the first group, without interacting with animals.

-A third group looked only at photos of pets.

-A fourth group only received news that they would soon have a visit from some pets.

What was done next? The evaluators proceeded to take saliva samples of each student volunteer. The intention? Check the cortisol levels before, during and after the test.

Some of the conclusions of this research

Cortisol is a hormone that fight stressThis is why it is so important in the study conducted at the University of Washington. A person with stress has high cortisol since this is the response of the metabolism to stressful circumstances.

And what was verified in this experiment? It happens that the cortisol levels were lower in people who interacted with animals. In conclusion, it is concluded that the company of pets minimizes stress. The body needs less cortisol!

Given the results of this study, the university has launched a program called "Pet Visits”. Its purpose is that students have permission to be with their pets on campus, so that stress is relieved during exam times.

A no-brainer for animal lovers

This is something that fans of pets already knew in advance. So many people don't just want to adopt animals. Also, they strive to give the best quality of life for pets giving them many comforts.

It has even been developed a application to understand the meows of cats. Felines are known to be not as expressive as dogs. Therefore, these tools are often needed to enjoy a better relationship with them.

It is no accident that psychologists do animal therapies in patients with anxiety or depression. The positive energy of pets is something that humans feel. It is about a positive contact and that alleviates difficult situations.

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Do you want to adopt a pet? You can be sure it's the best decision of your life. You already know that their company will help you combat the stress of everyday life and complicated situations.