Paying attention to these signals that your body gives you can save your life

It is true that with physical activity and a balanced diet we can help our body to be healthy and strong. However, it is also important to pay attention to the signals that the body gives us.

According to Mayo Clinic, quitting smoking, controlling blood pressure and cholesterol, exercising regularly and eating a diet low in saturated fat and sodium are some good practices to prevent heart disease.

As important as this is knowing how to identify the symptoms that indicate that something is not right. These are the signs that indicate a heart attack.

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1. Fatigue and respiratory difficulties

The difficulty to breathe usually appearsr before linfarcts, mainly among women, and can start months before of the heart attack. It is usually accompanied by great fatigue. It is a difficult symptoms to associate with a fault cardiac, but if we are exhausted without an apparent cause, it is best to go to the doctor quickly.

2. Excessive sweating

Sweating more than usual might be a sign that our heart it's not good. Pumping blood through clogged arteries requires that our heart make a greater effort to accustomed, what makes the body temperature increases and our body suffers to try to regulate it.

These sweats may appear days before a heart attack. If we feel cold and wet skin without apparent cause, we must go to the doctor.

3. Upset stomach

Sometimes the stoppages cardiac they are preceded by digestive problems, which include nausea and vomiting.

These are the most difficult symptoms to associate with a work stoppage cardiac, but if we have a stomach regular and we have not eaten anything out of the ordinary, a sudden indigestion can indicate that something is not right in our heart.

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4. Pain in the chest

It is true that not all infarctions are preceded by chest pain, although this is the most frequent and easily recognizable symptom.

Chest pain, in general, may last 15 minutes, and it is perceived as an intense pressure in the chest, which can extend up to the back, arms and shoulders, especially on the left side of the body.

In occasions this pain it comes and goes, but the heart attack will come sooner or later. So if you feel a pain out of the ordinary, it is best to go to the doctor.

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