Paula Echevarría also skips the diet (but with a very healthy snack)

We have all passed through there. During the week our food is relentless: we have said goodbye to the ultraprocessed, we exercise regularly and we have not missed any day to that kind of pilates that does not quite convince us, despite its many benefits. Arrived on Friday, our 'chip' changes. It shouldn't, but it does. And we allow ourselves some whim than another. Y Paula Echevarría It does the same.

The best? That he has shown it on social networks, teaching that his healthy life and training are important, but that there are some days when he can afford a snack. The truth is that the one chosen by the actress is not the worst of all possible. It could even be healthy. Drum roll, we reveal to you what the Paula diet has skipped:



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The best of all? That the actress went to the movies with her perosnal coach, who is also a friend and recognized her 'slip' in the 'copy' full of humor "As you tell me something about the cauldron of popcorn, sweets and cocacola that I'm going to get, I'm not going back to go with you or to wear gold. " And of course, he suffers in silence. "This was the message Paula gave to his followers. And, who resists popcorn in the cinema? The truth is that no one.

Although you may think otherwise, popcorn is a very healthy snack. Although the processed ones are not recommended since their ingredients are not natural and make this delicacy an ultra-processed one, the homemade ones are a perfect alternative to satisfy salty cravings.

How to do them? It is simple, with EVOO, a pinch of salt and garlic powder. In this way you will not take the unnecessary fats included in the ultraprocessed versions and you will be able to enjoy the popcorn of a lifetime in the 'healthy' version, and, although it is a caloric snack (you should not take it every day) it is perfectly healthy.

Without a doubt, we are all Paula when we go to the movies.

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