Parable: unmotivated ant

This parable makes you reflect on the importance of caring for well-being at work. Do not miss it!

Last update: February 21, 2022

Work becomes people’s second home because it is the other place where they spend most of their time. Because of thateveryone tries to enjoy what they do so that their day to day is enjoyable.

In the same way, the intention is to have a good work environment with colleagues. Well, this is how you can be immersed in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

However, sometimes the bosses only think about them and begin to alter those good conditions that were already consolidated. In this way, from there it can cost some workers their daily lives.

In view of this, today we bring you a parable that demonstrates this situation. Next, we will tell you about it in detail.

The parable of the ant

An ant really enjoyed his work. Therefore, he arrived early, began work immediately, showed dedication and performed excellently.

At that time, his boss the lion believed that if he already performed well on his own, with a supervisor would give much more incredible results. As a result of that fact, he hired the cockroach.

This is because this animal had great experience and was known for writing incredible reports. Thus, since his arrival, he installed a device to monitor the arrival and departure of all employees.

In addition, he requested a secretary who could help him gather documentation and answer calls. Thus, after several interviews he decided to hire the spider.

The results of the spider were very effective from the beginning. So much so that the lion asked him to add graphs to those magnificent reports he was presenting.

Taking this request into account, the cockroach stated that it was essential to buy a new computer and a printer. In addition, that it was necessary to hire a new employee to be in charge of IT.

The ant situation

While all these revolutions were happening, the ant felt beaten with all the additional functions that had been put into it.. Well, time didn’t give him anything.

For his part, the lion hired a cicada and a flea to run the department in which the ant worked. This was because the labor movement had grown and coordination was needed.

Those two new employees requested a work climate study. However, the lion stated that it was not possible because the performance of that department was no longer giving the same profits.

That was how he hired an owl to analyze what was happening. For his part, the ant was still unmotivated and without the strength to be the same as before.

Finally, the owl reported that what was happening was that there were many people in the company. That way, The decision was made to fire the ant that had brought so many results to the company from the beginning.

The moral of the parable

On many occasions, company leaders only care about profits and neglect the well-being of their employees. Because of that, affect their performance and their desire to be in that place.

Similarly, in some cases the employee who has always delivered everything from the beginning is never valued. Therefore, what results is that you become discouraged because you feel that no one cares about your efforts.

Finally, a large number of companies do not support their employees when they are emotionally beaten. The worst of all is that in many of these situations they are discarded and end up worsening their peace of mind.

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