Painting the walls of the house: tips and ideas

Painting the walls of the house is not an easy task. The choice you make, both in colors and styles, will accompany you in your routine over the next few years. That is why it is essential to be clear about the decisions to be made in this regard and their respective fundamentals.

There is never a shortage of reasons to paint or repaint the walls of a home. However, some of the most emblematic motifs are usually those that are related to marks of bumps or scratches on the walls, humidity problems, sale or rental of the property, walls with stains that cannot be washed or worn colors.

Tips to keep in mind to paint the house

Here are some practical suggestions to make this titanic task less burdensome. There are important considerations that you should take into account when painting the walls of the house like a professional:

  • Correct use of the roller: this element must be slightly moistened with water before starting to paint. Another important fact about this tool is that, after wetting the roller in the pan with paint, to distribute it evenly it must be rolled from one end of the walls to the other.
  • Protect the environment from stains: this is an item that many times is not taken into account, which causes paint stains to invade furniture, floors and appliances. Ideally, cover all items with plastic or old newspapers. Another important precaution to take is to cover the frames with painter's tape.
  • Using brushes: This recommendation is of paramount importance. Brushes have two parts: a wide and a narrow one. Smooth areas of the wall should be painted with the widest part. The narrow part is used to paint the margins. Also, the brush should not be fully inserted into the pan; Only three-quarters of the bristles should be wet.
  • Spare no expense when buying the paint: a second brand paint may be cheaper. However, if quality is prioritized over price, you will save on drying times and the number of coats to apply.
  • Cleaning brushes and rollers: Finally, if you want to save a little money, you should clean all the tools used in the job so that they can be reused. For this, a good solvent and neutral white soap are essential.

Certain measures should be taken before beginning to paint the house, to reduce efforts and save money.

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Tips for choosing the color of the walls of the house

Following the above tips, painting the walls of the house would be a simple and neat task. Nevertheless, a fundamental element remains to be defined: colors.

As in many other cases, the criteria are usually broad and vary depending on the variable that is prioritized.

Finish: gloss or matte

Matte finishes are usually the most popular when painting walls. This is because they better camouflage damage.

The defect they have is that they stain more easily. The shiny ones, on the other hand, although they can be more garish, it is also true that they reflect light better and are easier to clean.

Take space into account

If it is a spacious environment, applying dark colors can generate a more comfortable atmosphere. Conversely, light tones are recommended for small rooms, since they elicit a feeling of greater spaciousness.

Consider the materiality of the walls

It is recommended to opt for 1 or 2 shades lighter of the desired color. The reason for this suggestion is because, once applied to the wall in question, some tones tend to darken.

Neutral walls or with personality

If the idea is that the walls steal all eyes, it is advisable to use strong and vibrant colors. If, on the other hand, you want the walls to blend in with the rest of the decoration, shades of the style of gray, beige or classic white would be appropriate.

Useful ideas for painting the walls of the house

The walls of the home usually reflect the personality of its inhabitants. That is why there is no single style nor a homogeneous standardized way to get on with the task.

Lower the ceilings

Extending part of the color of the ceilings in the last third of the walls can be a very interesting and innovative idea. Thus it is possible to give a unique effect to a particular room of the house, to differentiate it from the rest.

Transform the walls into works of pictorial art

If you want to differentiate yourself and set a trend, you can transform the walls of your home into plastic art murals. Decorate with abstract motifs, portraits or landscapes.

Encourage monochrome

This technique is about choose the exact same shade of furniture color in the room and paint the walls like that. It's a bold procedure that can have an overwhelming effect on your visits.

Black walls are best in spaces illuminated by natural light, to enhance the elegance of the tone.

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Using psychology to paint the walls of the house

Without a doubt, there is nothing more striking than a home that bears its own mark. This is stated in an academic text from the Complutense University of Madrid. There it stands out, as one of the main functionalities of the home, that of crystallizing itself as a symbol of people's identity.

And one of the issues that builds identity in a home is the color of its walls. That is why an option that can be more than interesting when choosing colors is to choose based on the psychology of color or chromotherapy.

According to these theories, colors cause different sensations in people's minds. Some of them, when perceived by the optic nerve and encoded in the brains, create feelings of peace, tranquility, euphoria, relaxation or passion.