Painting the walls black: advantages and disadvantages

Many will think in the dark and transport themselves to some gloomy place imagining painting the walls black. However, there is nothing further from the truth. Black has taken over the decoration of homes and there will no longer be a way to reverse the touch of elegance that gives certain spaces.

Of course, it is a delicate color and cannot be put anywhere. It is risky, but in professional hands and accompanied by a punctual decoration it will dazzle. You will not believe that there is so much light and sophistication thanks to such a basic tone.

Yes, it has risks and disadvantages. That is why in this article we will address both sides of the coin. Thus, before making the decision and grabbing the brush, you will know what results you will get and how to enhance them.

Advantages of painting the walls of the house black

Although throughout the history of color psychology black has been used as a symbol of sadness, darkness or fear, the home decoration industry has given it a new meaning. As we mentioned, using it properly can achieve opposite effects and enhance the decoration.

Next we will tell you what other advantages it has to paint the walls black in our spaces.

It is elegant

Painting the walls black will give the home a touch of elegance. This quality will be intensified if the decoration is in shades like white, gold, pearl or gray. It should be remembered that black is also considered a color that evokes sophistication, power and luxury.

Intensify the lighting

Although black is related to the absence of light, depending on the lighting we have, we will have much clearer spaces. To achieve this effect we have to have good natural light inputs.

In addition, it will be convenient to paint the ceiling white and that the wall facing the source of natural lighting is also white, so the rays will bounce back making it project much better.

Natural lighting enhances the black and helps improve the perception of space.

Amplify the spaces

Painting the walls black presents a kind of optical illusion in which the corners are easily lost. This makes spaces look much larger than they actually are.. However, it does not apply in all cases and we will see it later.

It combines with everything

There is a popular saying and it is that black goes with everything. It turns out that there is nothing more true than this. Being a neutral color, black combines with any other. To the exact extent, it will make other objects stand out more.

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Disadvantages of painting the walls of the house black

Well, not everything can be said. Although black has imposed a new trend in terms of decoration, there are some cases in which it is almost prohibited. Next we will tell you about the disadvantages when painting in this tone.

Dimly lit rooms

When we have a room with few or no natural light inputs, painting black can make these spaces look darker than they already are. That is why it is not recommended to paint the walls black in these types of rooms.

Small spaces

We previously noted that black amplifies spaces, but not when it comes to small places. Black can cause a feeling of cold and a reduced view that takes more space than necessary.

Warm weather

The hot climate is a disadvantage when it comes to wanting to paint many spaces in black, since it can cause a warm sensation, as it retains caloric energy. The ideal is to use black in a very moderate way on the walls or prefer it in other decorative objects in the home.

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Tips for painting black according to the place and space of the house

We already talked about the advantages and disadvantages of painting the walls black in a very general way. Now we are going to give you some tips, depending on the spaces you want to decorate.

The facade of the house

Although a completely black facade can scare the neighbors and be associated with negative situations, more out of superstition than aesthetics, it is possible to use this color. Black plays very well with the green of the gardens and the ocher or orange of the bricksso it could go in moderate amounts in outdoor spaces, like doors and windows.


Painting the ceiling black can give us two different effects, depending on how it is applied. To make it look taller, the top of the walls should be painted for delete the boundaries between the corners. If we want it to look lower, we paint only the ceiling black.

The rooms

As we mentioned, painting one or two walls of the room will provide a perfect touch of elegance. To avoid looking dreary and cold, remember that the room must be well lit, spacious and not overdo the decoration in the same tone.

Bathroom walls

Bathrooms are usually small places, but with the precise touch of black they can be transformed. The use should not be exceeded because, as already mentioned, it will give a feeling of darkness and cold, as well as a reduction in size.

Preferably, it should be mixed with light colors or pastel shades. A good trick for elegance in bathrooms is to use black in utensils, such as the washbasin and the toilet. It can also work well on the floor.

Black in the bathroom can be used and is not always a prohibited color.

Household goods and objects

For lovers of black there are no better allies than furnishings and decorative objects. It is there that you can unleash this color. Use it on cabinets, stairs, windows, and even kitchen décor, like stove, fridge, and drawers gives the perfect touch of elegance without risking so much with the walls.

Although of course, you do not have to choose. If you are a lover of black and also risky, the occasional wall will combine very well with other decorative elements, unifying the spaces.

Go ahead and paint black!

You already have several reasons to paint the walls black. We gave you some very useful tips to minimize risks and enjoy this color.

As a last recommendation, we tell you not to be afraid to use it. Black is approved by the branch of interior decoration and architecture, demystifying the negative values ​​that have always been given to this color. So go ahead and paint.