Paint the kitchen in white: good or bad idea?

The elegance of the white color is impressive. It is a tone that you attach to almost any decoration. However, it requires a little more care than other ranges.

Last update: 02 October, 2022

Painting the kitchen in white has great advantages. Tone is associated with essential clarity in the areawith the feeling of expansion of the room and with the serenity that you are looking for in a room that, at times, becomes busy.

White works as an adaptable tool to any decorative style, but there are those who consider it a favorable tone to exhibit stains and other types of dirt. The choice of color for the kitchen responds to the tastes of each person, so it helps to look carefully at the benefits and drawbacks of such an attractive pigment.

The importance of color in the kitchen area

The book Color psychology refers to the relationship between these and feelings. The text asserts that each color produces different and sometimes contradictory effects in people.

Based on this theory, when selecting the tones for the kitchen, it is advisable to be guided by the palettes that make you feel comfortable and invite you to enjoy a confident and warm environment. As it is a busy point in the house, it always attracts attention.

According to the chosen range, you give personality to the area. It means that the colors in this room they have the ability to place you in happy, dynamic, sad or serious spaces.

The kitchen is a space where a lot of time is spent. Its color should make us want to be there.

Reasons to paint the kitchen in white

An analysis of the Vic School of Art gives positive readings to white, linked to cleanliness, purity, peace and virtue. For its part, the company software Adobe ® creatives argue that some consider white to be a color, because white light comprises all shades of the visible spectrum.

However, they clarify that white is not a color, but a tone that enhances colors. Responding to the function of these, arouses feelings.

This premise is applicable even in the decoration of the dining room. Clean rooms never go out of style and it is very easy to integrate different accessories into them.

Next, know other reasons to paint the kitchen in white.

You will have a canvas in your favor

White is not a limiting tone, but it opens the possibilities to decorate to your heart’s content. You adapt this base to the classic, modern, rustic modes or any other idea you have in mind.

An added benefit of white walls is that if you don’t have a style preference, you just leave the canvas free and it’s still stunning.

Greater amplitude

Especially for small kitchens, white paint is a perfect option, because it offers the feeling of spaciousness. Although they are not real meters, they look more spacious so that your presence in it is unburdened.

better lighting

Because it is the brightest pigment in the color palette, white is capable of reflecting light up to 96%. In kitchens with little natural lighting, white is ideal to gain clarity. Also, if the floor is the same tone, it reflects the lights of the ceiling lamps, the furniture and the rest of the details.


The cooking rooms in white tones, apart from being modern, are distinguished by their elegance. If you want additional colors, there will be no problem blending them. You can add them to furniture, utensils and artifacts.

Some alternatives to combine with white are the following:

  • Black: greater sophistication.
  • Yellow: brings joy.
  • Red: for a more passionate room.
  • Blue: it also conveys tranquility.

timeless image

Although thousands of trends come, white kitchens will always be in force. With minimal changes of accessories, you renew it without modifying the paint. The sobriety of white combines with almost any furniture in the rest of the room.

order and neatness

White paint helps the kitchen look tidy. As long as you comply with constant cleanliness, white collaborates with a cleaner image of the environment in which you prepare your meals.

White organizes the environment almost immediately. Everything seems cleaner and tidier.

What are the disadvantages of painting the kitchen in white?

Some people consider white kitchens to be cool spaces. For the atmosphere to be cozy, they prefer that the walls are white, but that the countertops and furniture correspond to another palette on the color wheel.

They are also likely to contemplate a boring area. However, it is an issue that has a solution by adding plants, textiles and other decoration materials.

Also, if you weigh the benefits of a kitchen painted white, the biggest counterweight is the ease of getting dirty. By choosing this shade for your dining area, your daily commitment to cleanliness is non-negotiable.

Paint the kitchen in white or in another tone: what decision to make?

White, red, black or any other tone… the paint you will apply in the kitchen is a personal decision. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this option, without losing the north of having a cozy space at home.

Consider things like the overall decor, room size, and lighting. Above all, decide based on your tastes. If white is the tone of your dream kitchen, then give it to one of the most attractive rooms in the house.

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