Oversize trend: what is it?

You love fashion? Then you can’t miss the oversize trend, which is very comfortable and has a defined style.

Last update: 23 February, 2022

Trends change all the time. In fact, fashion is said to be cyclical. A few years ago it was popular to wear tight or tight clothing. However, the trend oversizedwhat consists of dressing looser and more comfortable, is marking the current style. In this article we will talk about its characteristics and we will give you tips to show it off well.

In recent years, comfort has begun to be prioritized alongside aesthetics. The ways of dressing have adapted to a new lifestyle, with greater flexibility and opportunities to telework.

According to a publication from the University of Palermo, the trend oversized was born as an inspiration from the 80s, with the fashion used in rap. In addition, it gives an account of the way in which urban fashion is being integrated into haute couture and the catwalks of recognized brands.

What is the oversize trend?

in fashion, the tendency oversized consists of wearing loose clothing. Its translation from English is literally ‘too big’.

It is a type of silhouette that is not close to the body and exaggerates some parts of the garment. For example, the sleeves are wider and the shoulders are sloping, or the pants are loose at the hips and thighs and hang freely.

However, it is key to understand that it is about a style and not about wearing clothes in larger sizes. In other words, when buying a garment oversized, you will probably find it in your size, but it will have a looser silhouette. This is key: it’s not about looking for plus size clothes.

The tendency oversized It also has a masculine inspiration. That is to say, the cuts of the clothes that have traditionally belonged to men are used. This can be seen in the blazerssweatshirts and shirts of this style.

Urban rhythms have encouraged the use of clothing with this style.

Tips to show off the oversize trend

The clothes oversized They have become a basic to have in the closet. Although it may not seem like it, they can adapt very well to wear a look relaxed, but also elegant and even sexy. Pay attention to the following keys that will help you show off this trend!

Combine the wide with the tight

A way to raise your outfits to a higher level chic and elegant when wearing the style oversized is mix tight garments with loose ones. In this way a balance is created. For example, if you wear wide pants you can wear a top tighter to the body or showing some skin.

Also, if you have a oversized jumper that reveals the shoulders, wearing lace underwear can do it sexy as well. On the other hand, a close-fitting turtleneck, with a oversized blazer above, it usually gives a very professional and elegant appearance.

Create tight touches

show all your look with garments oversized can be unfavourable. However, making slight adjustments to the way you wear clothes to balance the outfit is an option.

For example, if you wear both pants and shirt oversizeda good tip is to put the front of your shirt inside the pants. This way you will mark your figure better.

Another trick to generate balance when wearing a whole outfit with style oversized is to roll up the sleeves blazer or the shirt. It also gives a touch of style to roll up the leg of the pants baggy. Also, if it is a dress, it is possible to use a belt.

wear accessories

Accessories allow you to give a more feminine touch to the style oversized. However, they must be discreet and delicate so that they generate contrast. For example, thin strings on a sweater loose.

dress with layers

The jackets, the jackets and the blazers of type oversized they are perfect for making layering, which means ‘dress in layers’. In other words, it goes very well if you have several garments underneath. You can add blouse, sweater, scarves and accessories. In this way, It is something ideal for cold climates or for the fall and winter season.

Dressing in layers for the cold is a way to combine less tight clothing so that they are functional for the weather.

have a couple of t-shirts oversized

Wide t-shirts are a classic of the trend oversized which is convenient to have in the closet. They are found in multiple colors and patterns. They are perfect to take to university or to spend a day in comfort. They go very well with jeans or jeans.

Combine fabrics in the oversize trend

Generally, when talking about the trend oversized focus is usually placed on the silhouette and shape of the garments. However, the tissues are also important.

In fact, so that the outfit does not look too heavy and careless, the ideal is to combine fabrics of a more fluid material and other heavier ones. For example, a jean baggy with an organza or linen blouse, or a sweater wool with smooth and flowing trousers.

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