Our parents never leave, they become invisible and sleep next to the heart

Losing a father causes great pain, but the traces they leave in our lives are healing and serve to teach us that they will always be by our side.

Last update: February 21, 2022

Our parents never leave, they settle in our lives and leave an indelible mark on our hearts.. Every experience lived is stored in our memory. We remember his laugh and his intact voice. And that only leads us to think how much we need.

We appreciate your advice, your hugs and the support they always gave us. The faith they kept intact in each of our dreams, even when no one else believed in them and the chances of achieving it were slim. There is no doubt that this link is loaded with a love for life, despite the fact that they have had to go to another plane.

The only palpable thing is what surrounds us in the present, but in addition to each photo that froze our best moments, we feel mom and dad in every beat of our hearts.

Our parents never leave

Over time, dad and mom become invisible, but they are present in every important moment of our lives. They were in charge of protecting us from our childhood, and although they did not have a manual to be perfect, they did everything in their power to give us love and guarantee our well-being.

There are numerous situations that we went through together, which served as a lesson and learning both for them and for us. The memories do not stop coming, as marks of teachings sown in our being. Undoubtedly, there are many different ways in which our parents are present.

Even if they die, our parents never leave. They remain as immortal beings in our hearts, their company remains intact. And it is that one could not expect less as it is our main model to follow. They were the guides in each step we took, pointing out the path that they believed was best for us.to achieve a full and happy life.

Your arms, the safest place

In moments of doubt, mom and dad were there, rolling their eyes over our options to help us decide. Faced with fear, his hugs were the best refuge. When we were in pain, nothing could compare to her care. Nor were there affections more medicinal than theirs.

Yes, our parents are heroes and heroines, even after they’re gone. Because during all the time we lived together, they were in charge of protecting us, but they also left us the best tools to face life.

They prepared us to create our own story and showed us how time passes while the body changes, ages. One day, without taking exact notes of that moment, our roles changed a bit and we began to take care of them. His words were getting wisertheir silences were also necessary to communicate something to us.

We gave them all the love we could until the last day, and now we are loaded with very special memories. We are left with a sour taste, with the pain of farewell, and with melancholy at high levels. But we also inherit a fascinating feeling, that of having felt loved unconditionally.

Now, nostalgia visits us in a spaced way. Every place, smell and taste reminds us of them in an unexpected way. So, once again, we know that our parents never die. They are by our side although we cannot see them, they fall asleep next to the heart, with their advice and morals of life.

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